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7 electronic items you should never travel without


Whether you’re nipping to Europe for a weekend or travelling far for the trip of a lifetime, these 7 electronic items should always be on your packing list…


What is a trip without sweet tunes? The great thing about speakers is that they range in size, from massive to mini (although realistically you’ll want them to be pretty small to maximise suitcase space). Also, try and opt for bluetooth so you’re not faffing about with wires your entire trip.

Noise cancelling headphones

Normal headphones fare well on a 2 hour trip but in the hustle and bustle of a long haul flight cabin, you are absolutely going to want to drown out the sound of that crying baby or that man chewing loudly next to you.

A Tablet

We all wish we could bring every book we want to read in our carry on, but our teeny bags will only permit one. Similarly, even a laptop can be a bulky addition to your precious luggage space. Download everything you can onto your tablet for those filler hours between destinations to make the time pass a little faster. To keep things interesting, try and stick to things you haven’t seen or read before.

Portable charger

We’re all familiar with that irritating feeling of your phone, which contains all of your precious information, dying before you got to your destination. Trying to find an electric outlet to plug all your various wires into can be a nightmare on the road, so invest in a decent portable charger to ensure your phone never runs out of juice before a group photo op.

Miniature fan

This is super useful in hot countries for the obvious reasons, but it’s also a great tool no matter where you’re travelling to. Long haul flights can get stuffy, as can being stuck in an airport when your flight’s been delayed. In both scenarios, a mini electric fan is a godsend. It can combat nausea, cool you down, and simulate the sensation of getting some air if you’re feeling flustered.


Digital camera

Your phone definitely takes up less space but if you’re going somewhere with stunning landscapes, real natural beauty or unique architecture, it just won’t capture the real essence of this new destination. You can find digital cameras for fairly cheap as a good backup for when your phone runs out of space but if you’re on the artistic side, this is your chance to brush up on your travel photography skills.

Power adapters

This is an easy one to forget but trust us, do your research and buy your power adapter before you arrive at your destination to avoid a panicked search to find one. If you’re a frequent traveller, it’s a good idea to invest in a few of the staple power adaptors for all the key continents so you’ve always got one to hand when you’re packing.