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This is the best way to tick off your European Bucket List

Group in front of Eiffel Tower

You’re desperate to explore Europe…but where to start? You could go and check out the city of light and love, Paris, and scoff a croissant in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. But then you’re missing out on gliding along Venetian canals while an Italian dude serenades you. You could sip Riesling and admire the rolling hills of the Rhine Valley. But what about Rome? And could you really miss out on the buzz of Munich and Amsterdam?

There’s a simple solution, our Europe-hungry travellers. What if we told you you could do ALL of the above, and so much more, in just two weeks? Oh, and for good measure we’ll also throw in Monaco, the Rhine Valley, and a stay in the exclusive Contiki Château. Not to mention transport, accommodation and new friends to experience it all with. Sound up your street? Allow us to introduce you to European Highlights. (You’re welcome).

Here’s why it’s the best way to tick off your European Bucket List.


Bucket list cities = done

What better place to start the trip than England’s grand old Capital, London? You might want to check out Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London (or maybe just a few pubs), before the trip kicks off in the legendary Contiki Basement. That’s where you’ll meet your Trip Manager and Contiki crew and get all the deets you need for your adventure.

And where’s our first stop? Paris, of course. (2 bucket-list cities in a day. It’s how we roll). We’ve got two nights to stroll the hip neighbourhood of Montmartre, live out our cabaret dreams at the Moulin Rouge, or just stuff ourselves with cheese and wine. 

Where else? Venice, where’ll you’ll get to take that iconic gondola ride. Florence is ready and present for art and history lovers (and a surprisingly mental night out if that’s more your bag), and then there’s Rome, Munich and Amsterdam, because variety is the spice of life, and because they’re some of the coolest cities in the world.

From exploring the Colosseum to sipping steins and letting loose in the Dam, where else could you tick off all these experiences in one trip? It’s called European Highlights for a reason.

You’ll feel like royalty

Paris is always a good time, but we’ve got something even more chic up our sleeves. The exclusive Contiki Chateau has been wowing travellers for decades, and after it’s recent makeover, it’s now got even more ‘ooh la la’. We’re talking pool parties, long nights dancing in La Cave, hiking through vineyards (with all the local wine you can drink), plus yoga, pool, volleyball and more. You’ll feel like royalty as you explore the beaut Beaujolais wine region before retreating to your palatial castle for the night. Don’t say we don’t treat you. 

We keep the glitz and glamour going, too, as we journey across the stunning French Riviera, including Monaco and Monte Carlo casino, if you like to roll the dice…

Contiki Chateau, group of friends eating and drinking at dusk

Foodies, welcome to heaven

Any trip that features Paris, Rome, Florence and Munich is always going to be a good time for foodies. Wine tasting at the Chateau or the Rhine Valley. Eating a Parisian feast in Montmartre. Chowing down on Florentine steak in the Tuscan hills. Indulging in pretzels in an authentic Munich beer hall. Sampling an aperitivo on a Venice walking tour…you get the idea. This trip is a feast of feasts, basically, and trust us: you’ll go home with happier taste buds (who cares if your trousers are a bit tighter).

Best pasta in the world

Fancy some fresh air?

Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to work off those croissants. Cycling in Munich, for a start. We’ll also whisk you through the stunning Austrian Tyrol and into the Rhine Valley, where you’ll get to walk along that famous river, enjoying the rolling hills and crisp, clean air. (There’s plenty of local wine, too, if you’d prefer to keep the debauchery going).


Tasting wine at a winery

You’ll end on a high

On the last night we’re sure you’ll want to party up a storm with your Contiki crew. So what better place to end on a high than one of our fave cities, Amsterdam? Use the day to explore quirky museums, gaze at the crooked gable houses, and sample the endless array of cuisines this city has on offer.

Then it’s time to hit the night. And this is Contiki, so we do pre-drinks in style: namely, cruising along the canals with an evening sightseeing cruise and free bar. Then you can check out the infamous red light district or hit some of the cool bars, clubs (and, ahem, coffee shops), Amsterdam is so famed for. You’ll be sad to see the end; but you’ll have experienced some of the very best that Europe has to offer in just 2-weeks. It’s not bad going, really.



A group of people traveling on bikes near a canal.