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Adventures in Europe - image of travellers in a train in Austria

If you’re looking for action packed, adrenalin pumping, thrill seeking adventure, look no further than Europe. Yes you can skydive in Australia or dive to the depths in the Galapagos, but when it comes to all things active, Europe gives as good as it gets. From all guns blazing activities to more sedate adventure seeking, here’s our go to list for chasing thrills in Europe…

Paragliding – Austrian Tyrol

Nothing beats the beauty of the Austrian Tyrol, and when seen from above…WOWZERS. Glide like a bird above quaint Tyrolean villages, rolling green hills and the freshest air you’ve ever had the pleasure of breathing.

Adventures in Europe - image of paragliders in the Tyrol

Parasailing/water skiing/tube riding – Corfu

If you love getting your kicks on water, look no further than Corfu -this little Greek island is literally jam packed with water based adventures! Spend your day flying high above a speedboat, elegantly skiing behind a speedboat, or being pulled along on a long inflatable yellow banana behind a speedboat. You can probably even drive a speedboat.

Europe's best adventure activities include a group of people on water skis enjoying an exhilarating ride.

Sailing – Turkey

Adventure awaits once you step on board a traditional Turkish Gulet and set sail around Turkey’s aqua marine waters. Swim, snorkel and sunbathe at your leisure, and for the more adventurous types get stuck in with the crew and learn how to sail (what looks and feels) like an old school pirate ship (minus the skull and cross bones).

Adventures in Europe - Image of a girl jumping off a sailing boat in Turkey

White water rafting – Austria

Whichever way you look at it, white water rafting is just FUN (unless you fall in and lose your shoes, which definitely never happened to me). Catch sight of the stunning Austrian landscape as you float down rapids and (very small) waterfalls. Totally invigorating and the best cure EVER for a stinking hangover!

Experience Europe's best adventure activities while two people navigate down a picturesque river in a vibrant yellow raft.

Snorkelling – Greece

Unless you’re in the Maldives or somewhere equally as tropical and outrageously expensive, you don’t get water’s much clearer than in Greece. And with clear waters comes amazing visibility, and lots of beautifully coloured little fishies and wonderful sea creatures. Don your snorkel mask and fins as you hop between Mykonos, Santorini and Paros – the perfect holiday/adventure balance.

Adventures in Europe - image of two girls snorkelling in Mykonos

Bike riding – Amsterdam

An oldie but a goodie, there’s no denying the fact that the best way to see Amsterdam is the good old fashioned way, on two wheels. Amsterdam has the most successful cycle scheme in the world, and once you’ve cycled around the city, you’ll understand why. Explore the beautiful canals, cobbled streets and quirky coffee shops all whilst working off a few holiday calories.

Adventures in Europe - close up shot of hands pushing a bike

Mountain Biking – Austria

Appearing for the third time on our top ten list, there’s no questioning the fact that Austria is a mecca for all adventure enthusiasts, so next up on our hit list – mountain biking! If you’re up for it, take on the mammoth 26km ride, you’ll feel incredible afterwards and as a reward, we’ll even serve up a BBQ at the end.

Adventures in Europe - image of handle bars following two cyclists

Hiking – Scotland

Picture the scene – you’re high up in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by moors, mountains, lochs and cliffs. The scenery is dramatic, there’s a fresh breeze in your face and a country pub in your sights. A brisk hike and you’ve reached your destination, a pint of real Scottish ale. Adventure doesn’t come any sweeter.

Adventures in Europe - image of the Scottish coast

Cog railway ride to Mt Pilatus – Switzerland

Part adventure, part hair raising thrill. Be under no illusions, Mt Pilatus is steep, but there’s no better way to ascend the mountain AND view the stunning scenery than by cog railway ride. If you’re not up for rail travel, there’s also a cable car option – equally as amazing views, just not quite as scary!

Adventures in Europe - image of a cable car going up Mt Pilatus

Bungee Jumping – Engelberg

Saving the best for last, in at number 10 is of course everyone’s all-time favourite adventure activity, bungee jumping. Do you need more convincing? We thought not.

Adventures in Europe - image looking down on feet about to bungee jump