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Everything you need to know about food in Amsterdam

A person in Amsterdam is eating a plate of food.

Know your poffertjes from your patat. This is everything you need to know about food in Amsterdam…

There are some killer breakfast options

Anyone that’s ever travelled/lived/lives in Australia will know, Aussies know how to breakfast. What does this have to do with Amsterdam? Everything. Little Collins in De Pijp is our absolute favourite breakfast/brunch spot in the Dam. Set up by Melbourne natives, expect the usual Aussie brunch faire plus Bloody Marys that will blow your head off (in a good way).

Close secondsFraiche on Westerstraat 264 and De Bakkerswinkel on Warmoesstraat 69

food in amsterdam - baked eggs from Little Collins cafe

Desert goes any time of day

Dam Square and the Red Light District Area combined have more pastry shops than you’ve had hot dinners (maybe). If you’re a sucker for your sweet tooth, this is the place to go. Waffles, pancakes, poffertjes (baby pancakes), cakes, pastries and tarts are all on the menu, just in case you’re wandering round feeling somewhat peckish…

food in amsterdam - image of a pancake with strawberries and cream

Fried balls make the perfect snack

Pipe down over there in the corner and hear us out – we’re talking about Bitterballen, the Netherlands infamous deep fried snack. A crunchy breadcrumb coating filled with a gooey mixture of chopped beef, beef broth, flour, butter, herbs and  spices is pretty much the deal, but all you really need to know if they are DELICIOUS. The Sky Lounge do some pretty epic bites with some mediocre views of the city.

food in amsterdam - image of bitterballen

Hot food casually comes from vending machines

Get to know the name FEBO (pronounced ‘fay-bo’). Dotted over the city, these babies offer you late night, early morning or any other time of day nutrition in the form of fried food vending machines. Raise your eyebrows now, but we know come 2am the FEBO will be your drunk food saviour.

food in amsterdam - image of FEBO machines

The coffee from the coffee shops is very, very bad

Let’s be real, the coffee shops are there for one reason and one reason only, and it’s not to drink coffee. For a real caffeine fix, Amsterdam has a bunch of incredible options, with speciality coffee bars popping up all over the city. Two for Joy, Screaming Beans and Lot Sixty One all do great coffee including the Dutch speciality, a Koffie Verkeerd.

food in amsterdam - image of a lot sixty one coffee

Cheese is everything

Gouda, Edam, Leerdammer, Leyden, Maaslander, Maasdam and of course a gourmet Old Amsterdam all make up the Dutch cheese arsenal. Pay a visit to the cheese museum (yes really) located just opposite the Anne Frank House and indulge in the mountains of free cheese tasters they have on offer (and perhaps buy some too). De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam is also a total cheese heaven.

food in amsterdam - image of De Kaaskamer cheese shop

Raw herring is a thing

If you want to go down the super traditional route, grab yourself a broodje haring (raw herring). Traditionally eaten by holding the fish by the tail and dunking it in your mouth, we prefer the slightly less intense sandwich version from Vishandel Molenaar.

food in amsterdam - image of a raw herring burger

Foodhallen is the greatest place on earth

Cheap food, goblets of gin and tonics, attractive people, mountains of choice, more cheap food and happy vibes. We’re totally sold on Foodhallen.

food in amsterdam - image of the foodhallen

Patat will become your go to food on the move

Essentially fries, but dolloped in mayonnaise (because the Dutch really, REALLY love their mayonnaise). If you’re feeling more exotic, load your patat up with patatje oorlog, a tasty concoction featuring peanut sate sauce, mayo and onions. And the best news? Your patat treat can be bought from the family favourite, the FEBO.

food in amsterdam - image of patat