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24 experiences for every kind of Thailand trip


No matter who you’re with, a Thailand trip is legendary. You’ll never run out of things to see and classic Thailand experiences to fall in love with. But what if you want a day to yourself? What if you’re looking for really couple-y things to do? What if you want to spend a day living your best life with your squad?

Here are some of our favourite places to visit in Thailand, plus a breakdown of amazing things to do in each place, depending on who you’re spending the day with:


Hot, hustling and completely addictive – this is the big city that truly showcases Thailand and its charm.

SOLO: Take your time exploring the Grand Palace, and try out the most adventurous street food

WITH YOUR BESTIE: Take the perfect photos at What Pho with the reclining Buddha, then spend some bonding time at the fish spa

AS A COUPLE: Spend some quality time in the cozy luxury movie theatres, get Thai massages for two, then take an evening stroll through the night markets

WITH A SQUAD: Explore the city on bikes then experience the world-renowned nightlife, hookah bars and shows


Chiang Mai

The northern city that’s surrounded by natural beauty, deep history and modern charm.

SOLO: Wander through the Old Quarter, Chiang Mai Zoo and the botanical gardens, perfecting your photography as you go

WITH YOUR BESTIE: Cheer each other on as you try out ziplining, then get matching souvenirs in the night markets

AS A COUPLE: Share in the cultural experience of the Karen Long Neck hill tribes, and get blessed by a monk at Doi Suthep

WITH A SQUAD: Tag team a Thai cooking class (at least one of you is bound to make something edible), and choose your allegiances wisely as you water fight at Songkran


Koh Tao

The island with more aquatic life and natural beauty than you can handle.

SOLO: Read that book you’ve been meaning to finish on one of the many beautiful beaches in the sunshine

WITH YOUR BESTIE: Tag team snorkelling – twice the chance that you won’t miss a thing

AS A COUPLE: Learn to scuba dive with your best cheerleader in one of the most affordable places to do so

WITH A SQUAD: Explore the islands and hike the trails together in paradise



The big island with diverse cuisine, great nightlife and magnificent beaches.

SOLO: Work on your tan and photography skills with beautiful beaches and sunsets

WITH YOUR BESTIE: Explore as much of the diverse cuisine as you can in town

AS A COUPLE: Wander around, exploring the architecture of local buildings, shrines and coastal caves

WITH A SQUAD: Hit every dance floor in town and bust out that group choreo


Koh Pha Ngan

The island with legendary parties and diverse scenery.

SOLO: Rent a scooter or bike and explore the island

WITH YOUR BESTIE: Explore the coral reef and share a bucket on the beach

AS A COUPLE: Hike in the mountains, get massages and watch the sunrise from the beach

WITH A SQUAD: Explore the sand dunes, watch the fire dancer shows and experience a Full Moon Party



Mountains, rivers and intense history all come together in this province.

SOLO: Spend some quiet and reflective moments of self-care at the Sai Yok elephant sanctuary

WITH YOUR BESTIE: Spend the day eating everything coconut, and relaxing at the hot springs

AS A COUPLE: Learn about the history of the area at the River Kwai, war cemeteries and museums

WITH A SQUAD: Make it a day of games and swimming at Erawan Falls


Beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, islands and jungles – Thailand’s got it all.

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