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Why you won’t help but fall in love with Barcelona’s timeless architecture

A person showcasing barcelona's architecture with a photo.

Whether you stumble upon bright modern eco-friendly buildings or Gaudi’s worldly-famous masterpieces, it’s impossible to leave Catalonia’s capital without being dazzled by its mishmash of glorious design creations. Building enthusiasts, here’s why Barcelona’s architecture will be an endless treat for your eyes…

This funky looking neighbourhood

If you arrive from the skies, you might notice Eixample, an area characterized by long straight streets with octagonal corner blocks and a diagonal road that breaks all efforts of forming a perfectly symmetrical landscape.


The modernist masterpieces

And there’s a bunch! From the colorful Casa Amatller with medieval creatures on the facade, to the iconic Casa Batlló, one of Gaudi’s impressive creations along with the Casa Mila, better known as la pedrera for its rocky construction, the choices are endless.

A stained glass window in Barcelona's church.
Gaud's iconic architecture in Barcelona.
Barcelona's architectural masterpiece.

Contemporary creations

Barcelona has never looked cooler than with its contemporary towers displaying the creme de la creme of modern design. Nicknamed “the suppository” by the locals (we’ll let you figure out why), the 142 metres tall Agbar Tower – which changes colour throughout the day- is the new attraction of the city. At the end of the main diagonal avenue, The Diagonal ZeroZero Tower is also not left unnoticed despite its extra transparent glass wall.

The iconic barcelona skyscraper showcases vibrant red, white, and blue lights, enhancing its architectural beauty.
The sky over Barcelona is blue.

The unrivalled Park Güell

In beautiful Barcelona, even parks are well-thought out to create unique recreational zones. Arguably, Park Güell offers one of the most breathtaking patches of green worldwide since it’s covered with Antoni Gaudi’s surprising sculptures and dream-like communal spaces. Enter the main square to relax on the rainbow benches plastered with tiles and feel like a cultural connoisseur as you overlook the city’s landscape.


park guell
park guell

The iconic sagrada familia

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind catholic church that’s so HUGE it seems to dominate the entire city. This almighty religious building has been under construction since 1882 and rumours say it will take another 10 to 20 years to be completed (at last). Nonetheless, it’s open to the public and one thing’s for sure, an incomplete work of art has never looked so majestic. A local tip: visit the church at sunset for an unforgettable spectacle of colour and light.

Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia church showcases stunning architecture.
sagrada familia

A former bullring transformed into a shopping mall

“Las Arenas”, one of Barcelona’s oldest bullrings, has since been transformed into an impressive shopping centre. First built in 1900, the building was reopened in 2011 after some serious renovations. The multifunctional construction located next to Plaza Espana is now home to a bunch of shops, a flamenco museum, a spa area and a gorgeous panoramic rooftop with a 360° view.

An aerial view of Barcelona's iconic circular building.

An Old Concert Hall with serious style

Step into the Palau de la Musica Catalana to discover a funky-looking concert hall that also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in 1905, this retro setting still hosts musical performances featuring genres from jazz to symphonic and catalan songs, and is a real multi sensory experience.

A large auditorium with red seats showcasing Barcelona's architecture.
Barcelona's architecture features stained glass ceilings.

Eco-friendly buildings with cutting edge design

In love with the growing popularity of sustainable living? We get you, and so does Enric Ruiz-Geli, the architect of the futuristic bubble patched building in Barcelona. “Media-ICT” has a weird looking structure that serves to control and regulate the inside temperature of the construction. Not only did this modern work win the World Architecture Festival’s prize of best building in the world in 2011, but most of all, it allows to reduce the building’s carbon emissions by 95%.

A building in Barcelona's architecture with a large number of triangles on it.

A hospital that looks more like a work of art

I mean seriously, when was the last time you’ve seen a hospital look THIS cool?

Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona

Streets that will charm you

Remove all spectacular buildings and Barcelona will STILL manage to seduce you with its narrow streets full of life. A simple stroll and you come face-to-face with traditional tapas hangouts spilling out on the streets, public parks everywhere and more street art & sculptures than you could dream of. There’s really no better holiday destination to obtain the perfect blend of cultural bliss and non-stop fun activities, so what are you waiting for?

Rustic Barcelona street and balconies
A bull statue in Barcelona.