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All the Feels: An Open Letter to Our Traveler Katie

The old man of hoy, isle of skye, scotland.

Heartfelt thanks to past travelers who continue to discover the world with an open heart and no regrets. This one’s for you, Katie…

Dear Katie,

There are not enough unicorn and heart emojis to express our gratitude for your “Open Letter to Contiki” because let’s face it – there are too many feels that remind us why we love Contiki travelers like you.  Has it been three years since we (and I say that as a collective Contiki “we”, not just a ‘you and me’ we) last talked? That’s being changed, as of now…

Hot air balloons at sunset in cappadocia.

First, hearing your story is a constant reminder of the beauty of travel and why we are so passionate about encouraging young people like you to live a life of no regrets.  It is often those “what do I do?” moments in life that become the catalyst for an adventure you never knew was waiting for you – and yes, we will always happily encourage such outlandish behavior.  I mean, who’s ever heard anyone utter the words ‘traveling the world and opening my heart to new things is just the worst’?

We can imagine your anxiety of signing up for a trip with strangers to explore this bold, beautiful world – yet you did the unimaginable – you discovered that the world isn’t some mysterious, unattainable place but rather a destination filled with wondrous moments, new friends, and we are so happy that it ignited your passion to now see the world as limitless.

A woman is standing on top of a red rock.

Parting with us doesn’t have to be such sweet sorrow, but what will always remain is that little spark that we hope to ignite in any traveler who travels, whether it’s with (or without) us.  We applaud you for deciding to place one foot in front of the other and embark on a journey of self-discovery, open-mindedness, and unforgettable moments.  Those are the moments we live for, and the stories we cherish.

You are a legend Katie – thank you for sharing your story with the world.