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We Finally Know What Makes New Zealand The Most Instagrammable Place On Earth

New Zealand Nathan McCallum

If I could sum New Zealand up in three words it would be: GO SEE IT. It’s the sort of landscape that looks great on camera, but even better in person. Seriously. It’s probably the most ‘grammable place on earth and for one good reason: no filter is needed.

There was no shortage of all out nature porn on my ‘Sweet as South‘ Contiki trip, but the one that stands out most clearly in my eyes and made me think ‘now this is Insta-worthy’ was Lake Tekapo. The first time you lay eyes upon the glacial water you’ll be shocked by how blue it is. It almost looks fake! I took the drone up over it and just couldn’t get over the views. The photos looked edited before I had even touched them, which is basically every photographers dream.

Lake Tekapo New Zealand Nathan McCallum

Letting the vista speak for itself and being able to add #nofilter to something as breathtaking as the icy crevice of Franz Josef glacier is priceless to any Instagram addict.

Of course there are a few tricks to getting the ultimate shot! My best tip for capturing that ‘wow’ shot is angles, angles, angles. I try to find the perspective that gives me the best view of what I am trying to capture.

New Zealand Nathan McCallum Contiki

Then it’s all about lighting and keeping focus. If it’s a shot that you’re actually in yourself (a new Insta profile pic for example *wink wink *), try to make sure that you’re in the shot clearly enough to be noticed, but not enough to take away from the landscape.

New Zealand truly lives up to all the hype. Every corner you come around is just like a postcard…but better. Words truly don’t do it justice…you HAVE to just see it for yourself.

New Zealand sunset Nathan McCallum