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How to stay fit whilst travelling

stay fit whilst travelling - guy running on the beach

Guest blog post by Kardena Pauza, personal trainer

Whether you’re travelling across the country or travelling across the world, staying healthy & energized is key to enjoying your vacation. After all, if you’re soaring thousands of miles to explore and spending your hard earned cash in the process, you damn well deserve to make the most of it! Here are some tips to keep you healthy, energized, and fit whilst travelling…


Staying hydrated is really important since all our body processes rely on water to function properly. Everything from energy, brain function and increasing the metabolism to boosting the immune system depends on hydration, so before boarding, be sure to buy the largest bottle of water you can find. If you are in the airport, remember you can’t bring bottles through customs – you must go through security then buy it before boarding. Shoot for drinking a minimum of 64 oz. a day so determine how much you need to drink while travelling and keep drinking. Ask the flight attendants for a refill when you need it. If I relied on the rations of water the flight attendants gave me, I’d feel like I was dehydrated in the Sahara!

Once you reach your destination, carry a bottle of water with you. Again, get a nice large bottle and put it in your backpack for easy travelling. In some areas near the equator, fresh squeezed juice is readily available! This is a total bonus for staying hydrated, and fruits like watermelon, mango, orange, lime, and fresh coconut water are full of electrolytes, vital minerals and antioxidants.

Avoid the Excesses

Avoid consuming excess soda, alcohol & caffeine. I’m not trying to take the fun out of travelling, believe me! But what you can do is not go over board and be laid out, hung over and missing out on crucial exploring time. After all, who wants that?

Make a rule for yourself to only drink 1 or 2 speciality drinks during the day and keep your alcohol drinking in check in the evening. And the golden rule? Be sure to drink several big glasses of water before heading to bed to stave off a hangover & tiredness the next day.

Keep Moving

If you are on a long flight, it’s a good idea to get up and stretch to get your circulation going & stretch your upper body while in your seat. Try and do this every hour. Once you get to your destination, it’s on. Exercising while you’re on vacation can be a ton of fun, and keep you healthy & energized for those long days of exploring. Exercise is an excellent way to detoxify, clear your mind, get your blood really pumping for the day, & boost your immune system.

One way to do this is to take 20-45 minutes first thing in the morning, breath the fresh morning air and do a cardio activity like jogging on the beach, biking the mountain side or through the city or running the stairs in front of an ancient temple. What a great way to see the local sights and immerse yourself in the intricacies of the area you are visiting. Or, schedule a guided active tour that day like a biking tour of the city or a kayak trip through ocean caves. What a life!

Have Healthy Snacks

Snacking throughout the day will keep your body fully energized, keep your metabolism up, and is a great way to guarantee that you will be eating healthy. The last thing you want to happen is to be starving & grumpy and be forced to eat whatever is around you at the time.

Ideas: Bring snacks on the plane with you. Yes, you are allowed to bring food through security as long as it’s not in liquid form like yogurt, salad dressing, or soup. So pack a healthy care package for yourself like fruit, veggies, nuts, salad, protein bars, and lean protein.

Once you get to your destination, make a quick stop at the local grocery shop and stock up on quick bites to take with you on your excursions – check out the fun local foods that you probably can’t find at home!  You’ll have balanced energy throughout the day with less stress. BTW- by carrying your own food, you’ll be saving money that you can spend on more important travelling souvenirs and memories!

Find Ways to Rest and Relax

Find ways to relax and unwind. Our daily lives can be stressful and so can travelling. Visiting exotic places in the world can sometimes come with ancient relaxation & healing traditions that you can experience. Some places have natural hot springs, pocket book friendly massage therapy, meditation classes or acupuncture. This is a great way to relax, unwind, and experience the benefits of their distinct culture while nourishing your body.


Kardena Pauza is a travel and fitness loving Orange County, CA personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and author of Easy Veggie Meal Plans.