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Two pictures of a couple holding hands at the Taj Mahal, inviting viewers to follow them.

Remember the whimsical travel series ‘Follow Me To’, in which photographer Murad Osmann followed his ridiculously beautiful girlfriend (now wife) around the world as she extended her hand back to the camera, leading Osmann (and us) into crazy beautiful destinations?

Since the release of the series there have been countless #followmeto replicas from travellers across the globe, yet perhaps our absolute favourite interpretation of the brief has now emerged, courtesy of Taiwanese husband and wife duo Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien.

Whilst Osmann in the original series quietly allowed his lady to lead him around the world, Lu isn’t quite so willing. In fact, you’d go as far as to say he’s trying desperately to escape, but failing miserably.

follow me to

Instead of being led by the hand, Chien drags her man kicking and screaming by every orifice she can find – hair, ear, nostrils – to hilarious effect. For every girl who’s ever had to drag her man friend shopping, this is entirely relatable.

A couple taking a selfie in front of a mountain.
A couple taking a selfie on a dock, inviting viewers to follow them.
follow me to

Which leads us to say, how else can the Follow Me To series be interpreted? We can’t wait for the internet to drag this idea by the horns (or nostrils in Lu’s case) and run with it…