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The 12 best Euro football/soccer cities you need to visit

Soccer City EURO

EURO 2020 hype has really taken over this summer, and we’re all here for it. With its combo of big match upsets, dramatic shootouts, and celeb sightings, it’s hard not to get swept up. While catching a match on TV is great, there’s something magical about being in an amazing football/ soccer city in Europe. And, even after the EURO madness has died down, the football love in Europe doesn’t end.

Whether you’re a new soccer/ football fan or a die-hard fanatic, seeing some football live is definitely a new level of fun to add to your bucket list. Here are 12 of the best soccer cities/ football cities in Europe to catch the action in person during your travels!

12. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a soccer city that is serious about their football, and unrivalled by most. Madrid is home to Real Madrid, which is the second highest-earning football club in the world. Real Madrid is also one of the world’s most widely supported teams, and they’ve won countless European championships and international titles.

Madrid is one of the best cities in Europe to catch an amazing derby match of local teams as well. Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid and Barcelona vs Real Madrid (El Clásico) are some of the most highly sought-after tickets around. When it comes to stadiums, Bernabéu in Madrid is also one of the best stadiums to tour, with an awesome audiovisual show and museum.

Tour Bernabéu or catch a Real Madrid match during your free time on a Contiki Spain trip.

11. Milan, Italy

A.C. Milan is also one of the best European teams to see live in action, and they have a serious fanbase who doesn’t mess around about their team. A.C. Milan is the epitome of Italian football, and they’re a football city with an absolutely giant stadium named San Siro. San Siro is one of the biggest stadiums in all of Europe, so you can only imagine the energy during a good A.C. Milan match.

Milan is also the home of some amazing derby matches called the Derby Della Madonnina, with AC Milan vs Inter Milan facing off a couple of times a year for an always-impressive battle.

See your own A.C. Milan match during your free time on a Contiki trip in Italy.

soccer city Milan

10. London, England

London is definitely a top soccer city worth visiting, for so many reasons. London is home to three of the best modern football stadiums: Tottenham Hotspur, Wembley, and Emirates Stadium. It’s also home to some of the best stadium tours in Europe as well: Wembley, Emirates, and Stamford Bridge. In total, London has 22 football stadiums, and twelve professional clubs to cheer for. The pub atmosphere also makes London a top place to watch a match, even if you’re not right in the action.

Planning a Contiki trip in Europe? Catch a match for yourself or take a stadium tour during your free time in London.

soccer city London

9. Marseille, France

If you’re looking for a French soccer city to visit, you can’t do much better than Marseille. Its local team Olympique de Marseille (OM) is the star of French football. OM also plays in Stade Velodrome, a stunning stadium that was rebuilt for the 1998 World Cup. Marseille’s derby matches between OM and its Parisian rivals PSG are always show-stoppers, and a great place to learn some French swear words as well.

Check out OM and the Velodrome during a Contiki trip from Rome to Barcelona by Train.

soccer city Marseille

8. Barcelona, Spain

It’s hard to compete with Madrid, but Barcelona puts up a good fight in the Spanish soccer city race. FC Barcelona has a huge fanbase and is a force to be reckoned with. Camp Nou is also an amazing stadium to tour, with a museum and even an exclusive visit to the changing rooms.

Tour Camp Nou and watch FC Barcelona play when you’re in the city on a Contiki trip to Barcelona.

soccer city Barcelona

7. Turin, Italy

Turin may not be on the top of your Italian bucket list, but if you’re a football fan, it should be. Turin is the home of Juventus F.C. (Juve), which is one of the most widely supported football clubs in the world. Juve is known for league dominance and housing some of the best players to ever do it. Juve is also the current home of arguably the world’s most famous footballer – Cristiano Ronaldo. You can catch a Juve game in the flesh at Turin’s Juventus Stadium.

soccer city Turin
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6. Dortmund, Germany

As far as stadiums go, there are few that can compete with the atmosphere of Westfalenstadion Stadium in Dortmund. Westfalenstadion is where the BVB club plays, and it’s a giant stadium known for amazing match attendance and high energy. If you’re really looking to get in the middle of the action, Westfalenstadion also has the largest terrace for standing fans in all of Europe.

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5. Liverpool, England

Liverpool is a small city that punches way above its weight class. Famous for both the Beatles and its amazing football team, it’s a great travel destination for culture and action. Liverpool FC is a legacy club in English football and has one of the biggest global fanbases in all of football. If you can catch an Everton vs Liverpool derby match, you’re in for a great time. Anfield Stadium is a great one to tour during your time in Liverpool, and you can even book a Q&A session with a Liverpool FC legend while you’re there.

Visit Liverpool and catch a live match or tour on a Contiki trip through the UK.

soccer city liverpool

4. Munich, Germany

If you’re looking for a soccer city to see a match live in, Munich is always a top choice. Bayern Munich is one of the most widely supported clubs in the world and the most successful team in German history. There are also few places in the world more entertaining than a Munich beer hall, especially when there’s football to celebrate. Munich is a prime spot to sing along with the fans and celebrate or commiserate collectively.

Catch a Bayern Munich match or join the beer hall celebrations on a Contiki trip through Munich.

3. Manchester, England

Much like Liverpool, Manchester is one of those English cities that is most infamous for their football club. Manchester United is another Premier League star and is England’s most decorated football club. Man U’s fan club stretches around the globe, and seeing them live in Old Trafford is a bucket list item for most football fans.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Once you’ve covered the heavy hitters, you may be surprised to learn that Amsterdam is another top pick if a soccer city. AFC Ajax is a beloved, decorated, and successful club that plays right in Amsterdam at the Johan Cruyff Arena. No matter which way you slice it, they’re just good and have been good for their long history. As far as derby games go, Ajax vs Feyenoord (De Klassieker) is a beloved Netherlands rivalry that’s always worth a watch.

Have some free time in the city? Get yourself to a game when you visit Amsterdam on a Contiki trip in Europe.

Soccer city Amsterdam

Image source:@joshoy/ Unsplash

1. Glasgow, Scotland

Last, but certainly not least, we have to include good ol’ Glasgow on the soccer city list. Scots love their football, and one of the most beloved rivalries in all of soccer is so prevalent that it’s a part of Scottish culture. The Old Firm rivalry between Glasgow clubs Celtic and Rangers is one that will go down in football history and dates back to the 1880s. Old Firm matches are just about as legendary and intense as football matches can get, and any matchup in their schedules is one a football fan should try to attend at least once in their life.

Up for the challenge? Get yourself to an Old Firm match during your free time in Glasgow on a Contiki trip in Scotland.

soccer city Glasgow

Image source:Wikimedia

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