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9-year-old girl shares heart wrenching anti-bullying video


*six-two 35 under 35 nominee – young leaders of tomorrow category

Nasir Andrews is a passionate and energetic anti-bullying advocate and motivational speaker who captured the hearts of millions at just 9-years-old with a video posted on her mum’s Facebook page. Nasir sits in front of the camera, flipping cue cards which include “I never felt included, liked or respected”, “At school I was choked, hit, punched in the face”, “I have been called Nutella … servant”. The video quickly went viral with over 5 million views and became the beginning of Nasir Andrews’s anti-bullying activism journey.

Nasir was bullied for her race, background and physical appearance, not only by her peers but also by the teachers in the Bellevue School District. However today, at the age of just 13, Nasir is a force to be reckoned with. Miss Andrews now stands as a powerful ambassador for Back Down Bullying, and their #backdownbully campaign. The campaign brings together a global network of communities, schools, parents and youth who have been victims of bullying, to be empowered and share their story to “help change the ending”. But Nasir takes her approach one step further, she believes that “hurt people, hurt people” and that kids who bully should be helped too.

The admirable stance for a girl of her age shows an incredible strength – not only fighting for those victims being bullied to be given help, but also the kids who are doing the bullying themselves. This positive action that addresses everyone in the bullying equation proves what an absolute hero Nasir is, and it’s for this reason she can nominated by Craig Kielburger, in the young leaders of tomorrow category of our 35 under 35 initiative. This girl is one strong young leader to watch out for!

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