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You need to see Vietnam’s Golden Bridge with your own eyes

vietnam golden bridge

Vietnam is attracting attention both nationally and internationally with its newest tourist attraction—a bridge that is so striking in its design that it’s reason enough to book a trip to Vietnam immediately.

Located in the mountains of central Vietnam—the Ba Na Hills in Da Nang—is the Cau Vang, or Golden Bridge, described by Design Principal Vu Viet Anh (TA Landscape Architecture) as ‘giant hands of Gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land.’

The Golden Bridge stands at over 1400 metres above sea level, spans five meters wide and is 150 metres long. It has attracted an unexpectedly high number of visitors (locals and tourists alike) since opening in June. The project that took approximately one year to construct and is part of a $2 billion project to accommodate tourists in the area has proven to be well worth it. Especially considering the area had over 2.7 million visitors last year alone.ared by VIETNAM ?? ?PHOTO& FILM ?? (@vietnam.destinations)

Extending over the treetops of Thien Thai garden (a tourist retreat) from the edge of a cliff face, this bridge offers uninterrupted and breath-taking views of the surrounding scenery. Its design is stunning and involves a ribbon-like, curved bridge with opulent gold handrails, latticed bridge sides lined with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers, timber decking and the showstopper—two aged, stone hands that look like they’re holding the bridge up from the mountainside. Constructed from fibreglass and wire mesh wrapped around steel supports, they have been perfectly crafted to appear like they are coming out or being reclaimed by the mountain.

With the astounding popularity, it’s rumoured the designer already has plans to extend the bridge with a silver-themed sister in the future.