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Good news: the trick to finding love is a holiday


If you’re on the hunt for the one and don’t know where to start, it’s time to try a holiday! We asked a bunch of millennials about what they thought about all things romance (including Valentine’s Day and how they met their partner) and discovered that travel might just be your best odds of finding love.

Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to romance. Sure, we love swiping on the apps, and our study revealed that 24% of us have met our partners there, but the results also showed that a huge 11% are introduced by a friend or meet while travelling. And since we all want to take a trip anyway, it’s a far better way to meet someone than waiting for your BFF to introduce you to their cute co-worker.

The absolute BEST way to find love though appears to be on a Contiki. A whopping 20% of travellers said they found love on their Contiki trip—yes, one in five, which is far better odds than a dating app amiright?! 8% said that it wasn’t just a holiday romance either, and said it’s been a love that’s lasted long after the trip ended.

Two men find love while walking on a grassy hill.

Image source:Stanley Dai

And in news that will warm hearts everywhere, 90% of millennial respondents said romance isn’t dead. It wasn’t a bunch of happily married couples saying this either, in fact, 55% of the people we spoke to are currently single. Celebrating Valentine’s Day was also merrily on the cards for 56% of couples and singles alike. The choice of what to do on the day was heavily divided though, from the traditional movie and dinner (27%) to a surprise getaway (22%).

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When it comes to who we want to travel with, millennials again put their hands up for romance. 43% were willing to put the theory that travel can make or a break a relationship to the test by picking their partner as their ideal travel companion. A further 28% would pick their best friend and a smaller 19% would rather travel solo.


Image source:Contiki

While some things have changed in the romance game for this generation, some things have stayed the same and that includes the world’s most romantic destination—Paris. With quaint cafes, delicious wines and idyllic streets to stroll in, we’re no surprised Paris is still synonymous with love and 26% say it’s the most romantic city in the world. But for a longer getaway, Italy was on the mind with 14% citing Venice, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence or Verona as the hot spot for love. Whether you’re single and wishing for a soul mate at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, or in a relationship and taking a romantic gondola ride in Venice – amor abounds in Italy!


Image source:Contiki

And whether you’re currently happily single, looking for love or living in that monogamous bliss, the moral of the story is that it’s time to book a trip away. You’re worth it.

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