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10+ Photos Of The Great Outdoors That Will Induce Serious FOMO

Image of a photographer taking a picture on a cherry blossom filled street

The Great Outdoors is the perfect place to escape and no-one does it quite as well as Mr Craig Howes – one of the world’s best Earth photographers from South Africa. If these photographs captured by Craig as he traverses the wild and wonderful globe don’t send your FOMO vibes through the roof, we don’t know what will.

Go skateboarding down untouched territory

Camp in the wilderness

Take jungle walks through the Amazon forest

Hike your way through the Andean region of Peru

Jump on a horse and explore the Sacred Valley

Walk amongst an ancient Bamboo forest in Arashimaya, Japan

Photograph the flourising cherry blossom in Japan

Trek your way up to Machu Picchu

Or just find your local beach and hang

Visit the best national parks in the country you travel to

Hit the open road and go on one almighty road trip.

See more from Craig on his instagram here.