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How do I… handle flying solo like a boss?


Not everyone is a fan of flying. Hurtling through the skies in a metal machine (albeit a very safe one) can cause a bit of anxiety at times and that can get even worse when you’re doing it alone. We’ve got some tips for flying solo though to help you conquer your fear of flying so it’s all smooth sailing as you jet-set to your destination.

Distract Yourself

It’s easy to not think about your flying anxiety when you have a pal to chat to, but when you’re solo you’ll need to distract yourself. Load up on great music or podcasts (highly recommend ‘Why Did You Push That Button’, so addictive!) and grab those noise cancelling headphones. If you’re a reader, bringing a book you simply can’t put down will keep your mind off you solo flight, and in the world of your book.

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Bring something comforting

Since you won’t have a friends hand to squeeze when you get nervous, bringing along a familiar item from home will help bring some zen vibes. It could be your own pillow or blanket, or your favourite comfy pyjamas. Snuggle up and think of home, you’ll feel a million miles away. Pro tip: spritz your pillow or blanket with lavender or a comforting scent so it smells like home too!

Tell someone

It is perfectly okay and quite common to be nervous about flying solo. Telling the airline staff and hosts that you’re a bit stressed about being alone will give them the heads up that you may need a comforting word or a quick check every now and then. They’ll be happy to help and they’ll give you a heads up when you’re getting off the plane about what to do next, so you can navigate the airport alone but with confidence.

Talk to your doctor

If you’re flying anxiety is quite bad and leads to panic attacks, it might be worth chatting to your doctor before leaving and seeing what they recommend to stay calm. This doesn’t have to be medication either! Doctors have a wealth of knowledge for herbal and all natural aids (e.g. meditation).

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