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This is what hangover cures look like in 10 different countries


Hangovers – most of us can relate only too well, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has resorted to hitting up Google for the miracle cure. Each country has their own solution to heal the pain of the night before – some tasty, some peculiar, but all sworn to get you out of hangover hell. We’ve rounded up our faves for you to trial, strictly in the name of travel research of course…

USA – prairie oyster

A concoction consisting of Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, seasoning, and the hero of the show… a raw egg yolk. Whilst the hangover curing properties of this remedy are sketchy at best, apparently the egg will break down toxins in your liver, accelerating your healing process. Personally I’d take my egg in other forms, but each to their own.

Australia – Vegemite on toast

Nutritionists claim that this meal is the best hangover cure in the world due to its high levels of salt and B vitamins – things which our bodies use quickly when processing alcohol. As an Aussie myself, I can personally vouch for this one – it doesn’t cure the beast, but it does ease the pain…

United Kingdom – a full English breakfast

We are talking: bacon, sausages, eggs, black pudding, tomatoes, baked beans and toast. Sounds like a breakfast of champions that in theory should soak up any left-over alcohol.

Italy – an espresso

Italian’s treat most ails with an espresso shot, so this one is no surprise. The caffeine should perk you up and clear your head – but take it easy if you aren’t a regular coffee drinker and keep up your fluids as it can add to your dehydration.

Japan – umeboshi

This salty, pickled plum is hella sour (you’ve been warned) and is filled to the brim with organic acids that will balance out your body and improve liver function. These babies pack a punch so mellow them out by soaking them in hot water, creating an umeboshi tea. You can’t get off that easy though, as you will need to consume the soaked umeboshi along with the liquid to reap the full hangover curing benefits.

Canada – poutine

A famous combo of french fries, gravy and cheese curd, the high levels of grease in this dish are said to be effective in curing hangovers. While this is great to satisfy your greasy food hangover cravings, some science points towards the benefits of such meals only helping before a night of drinking, as it acts to line your intestines and slows down absorption.

South Africa – ostrich egg omelettes

Eggs contain a high level of cysteine which breaks down alcohol induced toxins in the liver which should help you feel good as new. While chicken eggs will work a treat, South African’s take an extra step by using an ostrich egg (you’ll only need one egg – have you seen the size of these things??). For perspective, 1 ostrich egg is equivalent to approximately 24 chicken eggs – that’s a large hangover curing omelette, maybe best to be shared?

Thailand – pad kee mao

This translates into drunken noodles – pretty appropriately named I’d say. The high kick of chilli in this meal is said to knock the hangover straight out of you and allows you to sweat out those nasty hangover toxins. Locals however are in high debate as to whether this meal should be a pre or post drinking meal.

Mexico – menudo

This thick, spicy traditional soup’s main ingredient is tripe (cow stomach), so it’s not one for the faint hearted. The thought process behind this hearty hangover curing meal is that the flavours will overpower your senses, thereby allowing you to forget all about your hangover troubles.

Mongolia – Mongolian Mary

A spin off of the traditional Bloody Mary, this version contains an interesting combination of pickled sheep eyeballs and tomato juice. A Mongolian Mary will allow you to see your way through the hangover (hello pun), as the eyeballs are full of antioxidants and nutrition, and the tomato juice will fill you up with electrolytes and vitamins.


Other noteworthy cures include: Poland’s pickle juice, Denmark’s Reparationsbajer (repair beer), Belize’s Belizean Michelada (beer infused Bloody Mary), Iceland’s sheep head terrine, Germany’s rollmops (pickled herring with gherkins and onions) and Namibia’s buffalo milk (vanilla ice-cream with dark rum, spiced rum, cream liquor and heavy cream).