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Here’s where you should go in Europe, based on your star sign

Burano, a Venetian island

Europe, our one true love. But with so much to see, so many places to go and so many factors to consider, how do you decide which countries are for you?

We’ve taken the quizzes, asked for advice and done the research, but let’s get crafty. We check our horoscopes for advice about the future and accept the best and worst traits associated with our astrology signs, so why not try letting the stars decide our vacation for once?

It may not be fool-proof, but here are the places in Europe that you’re destined to visit, based on your zodiac sign and its characteristics:

Zodiac signs


December 23 – January 20

Travel Traits:

Leader, goal-oriented, determined, risk taker, persevering and reliable


Capricorns tend to favour their goat symbol and are partial to heights and the great outdoors. They are in serious need of balance in their lives between work and play, so shorter and more frequent vacations might be the way to go. Capricorns love a challenge without being totally reckless;  they are determined to complete tasks and push their boundaries often.

Places to visit:

Austria – for paragliding, hiking and skiing around all of those glorious mountains and hills

Switzerland – those Alps are the perfect place for a Capricorn to push themselves into some outdoor adventures

Scotland – for outdoorsy activities and lots of beautiful hikes

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland


January 20 – February 18

Travel Traits:

People-oriented, gadget lovers, friendly, energetic with eccentric hobbies


As trend-setters, Aquarians don’t like to be bored and are into eccentric places and things. Although they love people, they love quality alone time too. As an air sign, they are drawn to fresh air and communication.

Places to visit:

Iceland – for a quirky and trendy trip with great locals and eccentric activities

Norway – this friendly and happy country is the perfect place for an unusual adventure

Netherlands – because it’s hard not to be happy in the Netherlands, and their sites and hobbies are unique and charming

Amsterdam canal view


February 18 – March 20

Travel Traits:

Energetic, worriers, indecisive


Pisces tend to like mysterious places. With a fish as their sign, it’s a given that water is a passion, and swimming is usually involved in the ideal Pisces vacation. Pisces tend to be dedicated and will stick to one place once they find a place they really like. Pisces also enjoy the arts including music and visual arts and like to turn fantasy into reality.

Pisces also really enjoy sleeping, so some good R+R is a necessity on vacation. Pisces tend to live two different existences at the same time, so indulging that less dominant side of your personality on vacation is a fun option as well.

Places to visit:

Croatia, Greece and Turkey – for fabulous Film and TV locations and coastal quality time. Sleeping late on a sailboat and swimming all day in the sea, with some visits to mysterious historical sites along the way.

Budapest – for a quirky and unique art scene, great thermal baths and mysterious ruin pubs to indulge your party side

Pisces vacation - sailing


March 20 – April 20

Travel Traits:

High energy, curious, competitive, leader, impatient, impulsive, active and courageous


Aries tend to do everything to the fullest, so while they work hard, they play hard too. Aries enjoy remote and unusual places and like to be comfortable and active in everyday life and on vacation. They are spontaneous and fearless, while their high energy levels and impatience make them eager to be always on the move.

Places to visit:

Germany – because it’s a big country with lots to explore, and the locals can match the energy levels and provide the remote towns and vibrant cities an Aries craves

Ireland – because the Irish know how to play hard too, there’s lots to explore and ways to keep active

Denmark – remote enough to peak an Aries’ interest, with the comfortable and rugged terrain for endless adventures

Aries vacation - Ireland


April 20 – May 21

Travel Traits:

Relaxed, pleasure seeking, not in a hurry, adaptable, withdrawn, patient and practical


A true Taurus is drawn to creature comforts like food, drink and luxury. They enjoy being in the country and are drawn to nature and gardening, and can switch off well on vacation. The Taurus likes to cook and has a deep love of the best culinary experiences.

Places to visit:

England – for the gorgeous gardening and adorable cottages in the country

Italy – for some of the best food in the world, wineries and luxurious experiences

France – for more great food, champagne and the gorgeous countryside

Girl sitting on boat in Venice


May 21 – June 21

Travel Traits:

Chatty, adventurous, curious, people person, creative, want to explore a bit of everything


Geminis don’t like to be alone, yet they’re always on the move. They love new experiences and love parties, too. Geminis love colours, foreign languages and talking, and spending money is something they’re very skilled at.

Places to visit:

Everywhere at least once

Gemini vacation - Europe


June 21 – July 22

Travel Traits:

Moody, contradictory, eccentric, up and down, mysterious


A Cancer likes to feel safe when travelling, and they are drawn to more artsy surroundings and attractions. Cancers also like to be in or near water and are always in search of a great meal.

Places to visit:

Netherlands – for the canals of Amsterdam and the safety of a great and trendy place

Portugal – for the amazing food, gorgeous coasts and magical mosaics

Greece – for the gorgeous blue water and amazing eats


Cancer vacation - Greece


July 23 – August 23

Travel Traits:

Relaxed, creative, confident, independent, in charge


There are few things Leos enjoy more than being warm and comfy, and luxury is something Leos enjoy immensely. Although luxury is desired, Leos don’t want anything too complicated and are often focused on the big picture. Leos love to be loved, and material goods are something they enjoy as well.

Places to visit:

Spain – for a relaxing time shopping and enjoying Spain’s creativity in the sun, and indulging in Spanish life

Switzerland – for a luxurious spa experience filled with shopping, food and the finer things in life

South of France – heat, luxury and shopping galore

girls walking on the beach in Nice


August 23 – September 23

Travel Traits:

Mild on the outside, lots of thoughts on the inside, cool, calm, patient, love to laugh, strong silent type, health conscious


Virgos are detail oriented and like alone time, but are also nurturing and enjoy being around others. Virgos also have a hidden wild side and are great at communicating with others. They are careful and enjoy spending time in nature, but on the ground. They like the traditional aspects of life and aren’t the most adventurous.

Places to visit:

Sweden – for great experiences in nature, without too much adventure

Czech Republic – for a wonderful old-Europe experience

France – because you can’t get much more traditional Europe than France

Virgo vacation - Paris


September 23 – October 23

Travel Traits:

Enjoy harmony and peace, social, indecisive, serene and romantic


Libras instinctively need balance in their lives, so vacations are a much-needed break from work life. Libras are very outdoorsy and enjoy activities like running. They also like to be around other people and enjoy art, music and visiting beautiful places.

Places to visit:

Bosnia & Herzegovina – for gorgeous natural scenery and a peaceful atmosphere

Austria – for great outdoor activities and lots of places to jog your cares away, plus classical music for relaxation

Spain – for art, music and some of the most beautiful places around

girl on a bridge in Lucerne


October 23 – November 22

Travel Traits:

Love extremes, brave, like alone time, emotional, calm, mysterious


Scorpios are very determined and ambitious, while their passion and intelligence make them hard workers who are in need of vacations. They are very friendly but can be temperamental, so meeting new people and exploring the world is a welcome change for Scorpios, while they enjoy a solo adventure as well. Any adventure exploring conspiracy theories, mysteries and the paranormal are also of great interest.

Places to visit:

Russia – for a mysterious adventure with one of Europe’s most historically fascinating countries

Turkey – because the natural and man-made wonders of Turkey are enough to intrigue even the most interesting Scorpio

Italy – for a possible solo retreat where their passion can be matched by the locals

Scorpio vacation - Turkey


November 22 – December 22

Travel Traits:

Happy, adventurous, creative and restless


Sagittarians love travelling; it’s a hobby that they’re destined to embrace in their lives, and they love to see new places and experience new things. They also tend to be spiritually inclined and search the world for enlightenment and inspiration. Their creativity and restlessness draw them to different experiences and they aren’t one for repetition.

Places to visit:

Following their heart everywhere, on a different trip each time

Burano, a Venetian island