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Hack Your Holidays: How To Turn 19 Days Of Annual Leave Into 43 Days Off

A group of people enjoying holiday hacks in a pool.

Calling all Australians who love holidays but don’t get enough time off! We’ve worked out quite possibly the best travel hack of 2018, and it’ll turn 19 days (leaving one leftover for spare) into 43 sweet days off. We’ve broken it down below showing you exactly when you need to tell your boss bon voyage and pimp those public holidays.


The purple circled dates are the dates you ask for leave on and as you can see, used right, you can take a 16 day trip in April!

If you’re not so much for the infographics when it comes to absorbing info, here it is written out:

Need some inspo? Here are some perfect trips for your #hackedholidays:

Public holidays are based off National or State majority dates and don’t include special or bank holidays.

Stop dreaming and make sh*t happen!