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Holy Cheese Dust, There’s A Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant Hitting NYC Next Week

Three tacos on a plate with sour cream and restaurant.

This article originally appeared on PEDESTRIAN. TV and was scribed by travel-thirsty editor Courtney Fry.

It’s true we’re all pretty fond of a good pop-up food spot. Whether its the rare appearance of an In-N-Out Burger joint, or Gus Fring showing up at our Los Pollos Hermanos chicken shack, we just bloody love a limited-time run of tasty treats and things that are hard to get ya hands on.

Well here’s something you probably never thought you needed until now – a pop-up restaurant with a menu that is dishes made with those flavour-heavy, alarmingly brightly-coloured snacks, Cheetos.

Dubbed The Spotted Cheetah, the space is being run by top Americanchef, Anne Burrell, who designed the dishes available and is quote potentially a mad scientist for creating what can only be really seen as super fancy stoner munchies. You know it’s true.

Yep, that’s right, prepare your guts (and hearts, and arteries) because Cheetos are bring their “dangerously cheesy” selves to a pop-up spot on Broadwayin New York City next week.

Looking at the menu, everything seems to be covered in a hefty coating of cheese dust – just how Chester Cheetah‘s mama probably made ’em.

It’s got Cheetos MeatballsFlamin’ Hot & White Mac n’ Cheetos, and the one I am most unsure of, Cheetos Sweetos Crusted Cheesecake.

If you’re already in the NYC area and you’re droolin’ over the idea of a three-course Cheetos degustation, there’s a waitlist you can chuck your deets on over at The Spotted Cheetah’s site.

Will this be an incredible foray into gourmet snack-infusion food or will everything just taste like Cheetos? Are they providing ample wet wipes for the inevitable moment where everyones’ hands are also covered in a thin coating of cheese dust?

All that I know is that I want to be there, and I won’t be wearing white.