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How to make the perfect eggs: three ways

A plate of eggs, toast and vegetables on a green table, ready to be MUNCHED.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? If the answers either poached, scrambled or boiled, look no further, as we’ve got eggs-actly what you’re looking for (c’mon, we know you love an egg pun as much as we do).

That’s right, our MUNCH food series is back, just in time for that perfect Easter breakfast. Have a look at our recipes below to create the perfect eggs, no matter how you like them…



Perfect poached egg:

A yellow egg in a bowl ready to be whisked.

Perfect scrambled eggs:

Scrambled eggs on toast with green sprigs, perfect for a hearty morning munch.

Perfect soft boiled egg:

A MUNCHkin easter egg sitting on a metal stand.