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Our guide to partying in Ibiza without completely breaking the bank

A group of people jumping in the air on Ibiza.

Ibiza is so much more than senseless fun; it’s a drop-dead gorgeous paradise island with some of the best parties on the planet and celeb DJs every weekend.

BUT, all of those epic experiences come with a price, and it’s so easy to get carried away with your spending in Ibiza, especially once the drinks and good times have started.

Here’s how to get yourself to Ibiza and do ALL the things, without having to hitchhike your way home due to spending all your savings, and then some…

Ibiza travel is amazing.

Skip the taxis

Hopping in a cab is the default way to get from place to place when it’s too far (or too hot) for a walk, but all of those rides add up REAL fast, and there are much cheaper ways to get around in Ibiza.

Getting familiar with the bus routes will save you tons of money, and if you’re looking for a bit more independence, renting an electric bicycle or scooter in Ibiza is affordable, and it’s just plain fun.

Stay where you want to play

If all of the things you want to see and do are on one side of the island, it’s not worth saving a few bucks a day by staying somewhere on the other side, just to have to pay for taxis back and forth every day. Do the math, keep it close by if you can, and make your own way around without the cab rides.

Explore the ferry options

High speed ferries are great, but if you have the time to spare and no money to waste, look into the slower or smaller ferries, and even water taxis as well. Because getting to Formentera shouldn’t cost you as much as your flight.

A couple strolling down a wooden walkway on an Ibiza beach.

Don’t dine on the waterfront

Just like in most touristy places, you’ll pay a premium to eat at restaurants with a kick-ass view. Skip the strip and dine a street or two away, and you’ll notice a big difference in price.


Hit up the supermarket

Dining out for 3 meals a day is ideal on vacation, but it’s never ideal for your wallet. Choosing a DIY breakfast or lunch will not only save you a ton, but it’ll make you feel better about indulging in an even better dinner.

If you do want to dine out more, smaller takeaway restaurants are the way to do it in Ibiza, because not only are they affordable, but the selection of pizza, Mexican and Thai spots are seriously tasty.

People exploring Ibiza streets and browsing baskets.

Get dining advice

There’s nothing worse than coughing up a lotta dough on a nice dinner, only to find out you’re dining in an overpriced tourist trap with the blandest food on the island. Ask staff at your accommodation or other locals where you should eat and check reviews before you go.

Tapas it up

One of my favourite things about Spain is the tapas, and one of the greatest things about tapas is that you can get it for free in a lot of bars. Order some drinks and watch the snacks roll in, and usually the more you drink the more they feed you. Kill two birds with one stone and score a free dinner’s worth of tapas while you enjoy your cocktails.


A group of people eating food on a tiled table in Ibiza.

Buy your tickets in advance

Just like at home, there’s almost always a discount for buying your tickets early, and you’ll pay more for getting them at the door. Not only that, but tickets to the hottest clubs often sell out, so if you wait til the day of, you’ll either be haggling with scalpers or finding a plan b for your evening. You can even score dining and partying deals in some places which is extra exciting.

Get club combo deals

If you know you want to go to a few clubs while you’re in Ibiza, look into packages that will get you access to multiple places for a reduced rate.

Pre-drink or find pre-parties

Drinks in the clubs can be super pricey depending on where you go, so either start the party early at your hotel or find an earlier party to start off at with drink specials or open bar hours.

A group of people eating at a restaurant in Ibiza.

Get to the club early

You may have heard that the party doesn’t really start in Ibiza until 1 or 2am, but if you’re willing to start your night earlier you can often save some cash. Get there early enough for the deal, scope out the club, find your ideal spot and settle in for a long and epic night.

Hit up some of the lesser known clubs

Couldn’t care less about being able to say you’ve been to Pacha? Do you not know your Calvin Harris from your Tiësto? If you only care about great beats and having an amazing time, you can absolutely do that at dozens of clubs, and you can save a lot of money by not caving in and going to the biggest party of the week.

It’s Ibiza – the party will be epic no matter what.

A crowd of people at a concert in Ibiza with confetti in the air.

Stop dreaming and make sh*t happen!