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Which of these important life choices makes you feel physically ill


There are always going to be hard choices in life. Do you take the job in New York knowing you won’t be able to eat anything other than two minute noodles, or do you stay put and feel uninspired but can travel to Europe every year? It’s not easy, and we’re certainly not here to tell you which path to take, but let’s put some important life choices to you and you tell us which are so impossible it makes you feel sick deciding. Fun right? 😉

Have your dream house but never travel again, or see everywhere on your bucket list but have to live in a shed?

Never pet a dog again, or never pet a cat again?

Pronounce GIF with a G, or with a J (as in JIF)?

Have your ultimate job but work such long hours you have no social life, or have a dead end job but a better social life than a Kardashian?

Give up cheese forever, or give up chocolate forever?

Shower in the morning, or at night?

Have over 1,000 unread emails all the time, or stay back at work an extra 30 minutes every day but have an empty inbox?

Find the love of your life, or have unlimited money?

Cereal in the bowl first, or milk first?

Have your name called over the loud speaker at the airport because you’re running late, or arrive 3 hours early to every flight?

Toilet roll going over, or going under?

Save, or spend?

Have your entire music catalogue alphabetised, or however it comes?

Correct bad grammar when you see it, or let it slide?

Brush your teeth before breakfast, or after breakfast?

Never be able to listen to music again, or never be able to watch TV again?

No coriander, or all the coriander?

We told you they were tricky! Just as we all answer these questions differently, so too do we want different things from our travels. Some of us want to pack it all in and see EVERYTHING, whilst others are all about lying horizontal with nothing but a cocktail umbrella for shade. We get this, which is why we don’t try and make all our trips the same, instead offering different strokes for different folks. Want to find out more about our 8 unique travel style? Head here.