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Have you heard? Designing your own trip is the new way to see Europe


Are you: Someone who’s travelled before and feels like they’ve got the travel thing down, or maybe you’re an independent soul who doesn’t like to work to someone else’s timeframe?

If so, you’re going to want to hear about Independent Insider, Contiki’s newest DIY way to travel…

Independent Insider is designed for freedom. It’s not like a traditional Contiki, where you’re part of a big (awesome) group and are heading to a new destination everyday. Instead it’s slower paced, tailored to you, and gives you maximum free time.

Why the addition of this style? Well, we know there are lots of peeps out there who’ve already done a bunch of travel, either with us or on your own, so you’ve seen all the big guns and now have the hunger for something a little more unique and tailored to you. Instead of itineraries and wake-up calls, you want lie-ins and the thrill of having all the time you want to explore a new city, not to mention utterly unique experiences you don’t mind dropping some cash on ‘cos they’re so bloody cool.

What’s the deal with the DIY thing? The beauty of Independent Insider is that you get to build your own Contiki trip using our destination modules, creating the perfect itinerary throughout Europe. You can choose to do one block (3 nights), two blocks (6 nights), three blocks (9 nights), or a full 12-night trip. We’re putting the power in your hands on how to spend your free time and where you want to start and finish your trip. It’s seriously all about you – your passion points, your time frame, your favourite countries. The options are pretty much limitless with the Berlin to Stockholm path having SEVEN different itinerary options to choose from alone. Below is how to works, with each dot representing a 3-night stay in a city, and the line showing how you can link these up to build your trip.

how Independent Insider works

So what makes this Contiki and not just solo travel? Well, whilst Independent Insider may look and feel very different to our 7 other travel styles, you still get all the perks of a Contiki: like-minded travellers to connect with (read-ready made friends), a Trip Manager who’s mad clued up on Europe, accommodation all taken care of, coach transfers between destinations, breakfast every day (huge win), and a No Regrets Inclusion in every city you visit (the boat cruise on Lake Como got us especially excited).

And what could you be doing with all this limitless free time? THIS IS ALL ON YOU. Sleep, eat, drink, party, explore, sunbathe, discover, learn – do all the things normal life doesn’t allow for. You’ll no doubt want to do your own research before your trip and come prepared with a few must-do experiences, but we’ve also got one final trick up our sleeve in the form of our Free Time Add-Ons, which are experiences or activities designed to amp up your adventure even further. Built directly around your cultural passions, we’ve got things like sailing the Cote d’Azur, a tapas cooking class, craft beer tasting, VizEat experiences and a cruise around Capri, just lined up and waiting for you to drool all over.


How do you know if Independent Insider is right for you? Ask yourself this… do you love seeing where that cobbled street takes you? Do you want to find the best-hidden bars and eat like a local? Is your goal to indulge in a cultural passion that your day-to-day life doesn’t leave time for (even if that’s just eating every pastry in Paris)? Head nodding? Yeah, you’re in the club. Welcome

Check out the many trip variations you can take with Independent Insider here.