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The invisible but almighty ways in which travel changes you forever


1 – You become more culturally aware

Travelling exposes you to many different cultures, forcing you to re-evaluate your priorities and the society that you live in. It shows you how different countries survive and thrive with entirely different beliefs from your own, and still, can function to full capacity. It forces you to reexamine the simple things that get overlooked, the obvious in your life that you may be oblivious too, and helps you to realise there are other ways to live, different values to place on inanimate objects and the importance of tapping into your intuition.


2 – You realise just how brave and resilient you really are

Travel allows you to step out of your comfort zone. To wake up each day not knowing what to expect. You can plan as much as you want, but the magic of travel is not knowing what the day has in store for you. Sometimes plans change, planes are delayed, busses will be missed and money will be scarce – but this is where, unbeknownst to you, you’re already prepared for the hurdles coming your way. You’re far smarter, stronger and resiliant than you’ve ever been before. Trust your gut, follow your heart.


3 – You unlock the very best version of yourself

As cliche as it is – travel really does open your eyes and mind. From the exact moment of take off, to your first steps on foreign land, all the way until you return home, you’re already taking steps to becoming a better, more knowledgeable person. You’ll not only gain so much on your journey, but you’ll also leave a little bit of yourself behind – forever connecting you to that part of the world.

You’ll learn to be even more unapologetically yourself then you already were; extremely comfortable, judgment free and willing to embrace every single situation with a positive attitude.


4 – You see beauty in the smallest things

You’ll see the beauty in everything that this world has to offer, even amongst the not so beautiful stuff. It’ll leave you in a constant state of awe – far more extreme than what scrolling online and double tapping could ever make you feel. Every single detail; minor or major, you’ll remember. The colours, the smells, the weather, the people.


5 – You learn to connect with strangers

You’ll connect deeply with people who you’ll meet on your journey; the locals, the foreigners like yourself, and strangers – who’ll become family. You’ll learn to look up and breathe, rather than look down and double tap. You’ll be pushed outside of your social comfort zone that you didn’t realise you had. Fresh faces, fresh stories and now, another stranger added to your travel family.


6 – You discover the beauty of anonymity

You’ll learn that no matter where you are in the world you are, you’re surrounded by beauty and love. No one knows your story. No one cares if you study, if you are in a relationship, if you’re a picky eater… nada. Travel is an equal and unique playing field where everyone is willing to learn, grow and connect on a more spiritual level rather than a superficial. Your history doesn’t matter when you’re surrounded by the rich history of the world. You can be whoever you want to be – choose the best version of yourself and show the world what you where born to offer.


7 – You learn to feel at home in foreign lands

If you’re lucky enough, and i hope you are, you’ll come across a place that feels just like ‘home’. To step foot in a unfamiliar place that allows you to be 100% yourself all the time, where people around you feel safe enough to be themselves too – this why choosing to travel is so important for your wellbeing.

A person making a peace sign over a city with hot air balloons, symbolizing how travel can change you.

In retrospect, the world is a lot smaller than you think. Embrace it all, explore it all, and never stop learning and growing.