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Is Rio Carnival the ultimate party of the year?

Rio Carnival - Carnival in Rio

Rio Carnival is just days away. have you got your ticket to the biggest and best party of the year?


The Rio Carnival is the world’s biggest party and carnival in South America, if not the world, with a ridiculous amount of parties and parades held in February – 40 days before Easter begins. As one of Brazil’s most important events and an epicentre of Brazillian culture, you can expect sensational parades across the city with samba dances, street parties, live Brazillian music and plenty of Capriosca’s.


In 2015 alone, Rio welcomed close to 1 million visitors with an estimated total of 4.7 Million who attended the festivities. This is South America’s biggest party of the year. Expect a smorgasbord of fun activities in Rio with a nightlife unbeaten anywhere else in the world…


This year, the Rio Carnivale begins on Friday, the 5th of February – 9th of Feb so the best time to go to is definitely in February. Our tip? Extend your trip across South America and visit the neighbouring countries of Brazil!

Rio Carnival - Image of Olinda in Brazil
Rio Carnival - Carnivale in Salvador
Rio Carnival - image of dancers in a parade
Rio Carnival - dancer at carnival


Ahh, yes it’s always about the recovery isn’t it? There’s no better way to cure your post-Rio bonanza than with a trip to the white sandy beaches of Ipanema.

Visit the world-famous Copacabana and take a hike up to Sugarloaf mountain and see the infamous outstretched arms of Christ the Redeemer. What could go wrong in Rio right?

Rio Carnival - Ipanema beach