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Kati Morton’s YouTube channel is for anyone scared or embarrassed by therapy


*six-two 35 under 35 changemaker of 2018 – mental wellbeing category

Youtube is a platform brimming with new wellness trends, tips, tricks, hacks, and a whole lotta discussion. But who you might not expect to see absolutely killin’ the game is a fully licensed therapist, who doubles up as a mental health vlogger. Her name? Kati Morton.

Kati is a fully practising marriage and family therapist who uses her professional powers for good and spreads her wisdom to the masses who either can’t afford therapy, or who perhaps aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea. Her content comes from a uniquely qualified perspective, and she’s become a beacon of hope and positivity to her 208k strong audience. And it’s because of this that Alayna Fender and Michael Rizzi nominated Kati, within the mental wellbeing category of our 35 under 35 initiative. Basically, she rocks.

Posting weekly vids that cover a whole range of mental health related topics, from breaking down different disorders to prepping you for your first therapy appointment, Kati’s channel is a one-stop shop if you suffer from mental health issues but aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to the overwhelming bubble that is mental health advice.

Her videos tackle sensitive issues head-on, delving deep into just about everything from toxic relationships, stress, coping techniques and self-care routines in enough detail to get a good scope of the issue, but not so much info that you feel the need to go and have a little lie down.

She doesn’t just discuss the issues at hand, she provides useful resources for her followers to be able to deal with these issues at home. She also takes her work outside of the online sphere, touring around the US attending conventions and leading workshops that promote mental health and wellbeing. Yep, she’s basically a mental-health fairy godmother.

This awesome youtube sensation fosters a community of mental health issue sufferers who come together in her forums to find solutions using her techniques. If you’ve ever had a fear or stigma around therapy, you should absolutely have her on your must-watch list. Go ahead and throw in a little subscribe too. Just trust us…

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