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Journalist Lindsay Tigar is changing the lives of single mothers in Colombia


*six-two 35 under 35 changemaker of 2018 – six-two picks category

An esteemed writer for everyone from Vogue to Bustle, Lindsay Tigar is a travel trailblazer. Now, she’s taking her talents around the world…

An adopted New Yorker, Lindsay is a certified guru when it comes to all things travel, wellness, psychology and healthy living. Having spoken at countless conferences and workshops, she’s always sought to inspire other young writers and share her wisdom.

Lindsay’s talent for writing combined with her fascination for the globe landed her her first newspaper column at only 15 years old, and her own successful blog at 22 (not bad for someone who’s been writing since they were 7 years old!) After developing a loyal following, she sought to embark on her freelance career and began writing for other magazines and content sites.

So, what’s next for this high flyer? As a travel blogger, it only seems natural for Lindsay to take her work abroad, and she is now travelling the world with Remote Year: a start-up which allows digital nomads the opportunity to work in a different country each month, spanning Europe to Asia to South America.

As an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union and Nightlight Designs, a non-profit dedicated to ending human trafficking, it’s no surprise that the group Lindsay is a part of (Yugen) is partnering with a South American charity to build 58 homes for families and single mothers in need in Colombia.


To be on the program, Lindsay pays $2,000 a month, which is the cost to build each home. It will be the biggest build in history for this region of Bogota, and will make a significant impact on the community. Lindsay, you’re our inspiration!

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