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Like a local: 5 ways to get around Latin America with Contiki

Two young men strolling through a street in Havana during their Latin America adventure with Contiki.

You’ve heard of flying, trains and coaches (our personal favourite at Contiki!), but in Latin America there are SO many more ways to get around. Here are 5 unique modes of transport you can experience on a Contiki trip.


Peru’s famous Lake Titicaca has it’s own answer to Asia’s Tuk Tuks: Triciclos! These three-wheeled vehicles are half bike, half bench seat and all fun! A quick way to get from A to B in local style.

A group of people riding in a Contiki rickshaw in Latin America.

4 Wheel Drives

When we head to the Bolivian desert we want to dive deep into the eerie landscape and the best way to do that is by 4×4! See the salt flats, the sand dunes and Great Train Graveyard in your own private off roader.

A green SUV is parked in the middle of a Latin American salt flat.


With so many waterways throughout Central America and South America, canoes are commonly used by the locals – so we use them too! Whether we’re cruising through the Amazon jungle or visiting the people of the Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca, we will be gliding there on the waters surface in a sweet as canoe.

A group of people on a boat in Latin America.


There’s no better way to explore Latin America than by boat. See the Galapagos Islands and all it’s unique wildlife from the water, or discover the beauty of Belize and snorkel the day away by boat. BYO sea legs!

Two friends on a boat.


You’ll notice in Latin America that locals LOVE cycling. It makes sense really. It’s an easy, eco-friendly and fun way to get around. We’re all for it and many of our trips have options to hire bikes so you can ride around town whenever you want.

Two friends riding bicycles on the beach under palm trees.