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Dreading your long haul flight? Here’s how to get through it in style

A group of women laughing on a long haul airplane flight.

One of the worst parts of travelling is enduring those dreaded long-haul flights. Flying can be exciting, but no one wants to be cooped up for hours upon end in a stuffy cabin. However, with the right prep – and attitude – long-haul travel doesn’t have to be such a slog. Here’s how to survive a long-haul flight in style:

Bring an eye mask & ear plugs

The airline will occasionally provide you with these, however recently I’ve been on long haul flights where that wasn’t the case. When you’re travelling through different time zones your body is likely to get confused, and you may have to sleep or nap during daytime. These little beauties are the perfect way to get a perfect night’s (or day’s) sleep.

Invest in a portable charger

These are absolutely essential when travelling. You’ll need juice on your phone when you land, so always have a portable battery pack with you. Remember – most airlines won’t allow you to check large batteries into the hold, so make sure you have them in your carry on luggage.

A man wearing headphones on an airplane.

Reserve a seat

On short haul flights its not such a big deal but when you’re flying long haul I think it’s always worth paying a few pounds extra reserving a seat. I can’t stand being in the middle seat, so will reserve a window or aisle seat. Exit seats are a godsend for tall people or those who love a little extra legroom. All you need to endure is a short safety brief at the beginning of the flight and you can enjoy premium legroom at the same price.

Keep hydrated

When you’re cruising at 39,000 feet you’re more likely to get dehydrated due to the lack of humidity in the air. I’d recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you. Yes, you can actually get them through airport security (as long as they’re empty).

Two women sitting on an airplane with laptops in their laps.

Bring your own snacks

Yeah, you’ll likely be fed on a long-haul flight, but if you’re anything like me snacks are essential. Airline food never looks or tastes very good, and is pretty unhealthy.  I often bring something a little more nutritious like fruit or a cereal bar, as flying doesn’t always make me feel great and I don’t want to exacerbate that by eating rubbish. Plus, you’ll have the whole holiday to indulge in fantastic food as much as you want!

A group of people sitting on an airplane.

Fluffy socks are the way forward

This is my go-to comfort item whilst travelling. As soon as we take off I kick off my shoes and put on a pair of my fluffiest, most snuggly socks.

Move about

It seems strange considering you’re sitting down for so long, but long haul flights are exhuasting. Walking around will do your mind and body wonders. Studies by the national institute of health demonstrate the risk of deep vein thrombosis on long haul flights, and the formation of blood clots is more likely to occur on flights longer than four hours. It’s important to get up, stretch your legs and have a stroll around the plane.

Two women sitting on an airplane, helping each other get over their jet lag using their iPads.

Keep things fresh

Cleaning your teeth, washing your face and moisturising can do wonders for your mental wellbeing when you’re up in the air. When you’re confined to a small space for endless hours you can start to feel a bit grubby. Make sure you have periodic trips to the bathroom to freshen up – it will make a world of difference.

Wear comfy clothes

Stiff, skinny jeans, high heels and endless ammounts of jewellery aren’t ideal – or neccessary – on long haul flights. It’s best to wear loose fitting, comfy clothes – at the end of the day, no one really cares what you looked like on that flight to Thailand.

Bring a spare change of clothes

I once landed after a 23 hour journey and found that my luggage wasn’t waiting for me – so listen up, this is important. Bring a spare change of clothes! You won’t want to have to worry about buying ridiculously expensive designer clothes at the airport.


With the right attitude, a long-haul flight can be a good opportunity to kick back, relax and forget your worries. Unless you want to pay ridiculous prices, you’ll be without WiFi and data for several hours. So relax, put on a movie and order a G&T. Enjoy that digital detox until you touch down and make everyone green with envy at all the insta shots of your glamorous destination.

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