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Meet The Heroes Who Are Pioneering The Way For Plastic Change

Image of Switzerland

Sometimes you hear stories of people who are really making a positive difference in this world. People who aren’t afraid to show they care. People who revolutionise and pioneer the world we live in, and inspire us to change our lives for the better. These heroes have their sights on changing the way we think and deal with plastic pollution, and we’re behind them 100%…

Pharrell – Battle For Big Blue

Not only is Pharrell one of the greatest American performers of all time, but he’s a crusader for protecting our environment and is waging a war against plastic with a kick-ass sustainability strategy.

G-star RAW collaborated with Pharrell and introduced a line that retrieves plastic from our oceans and transforms it into denim and other fabrics. They partnered up with Bionic Yarn, the engineer of the yarns, and Parley, co-ordinator for ocean cleanups and research. Talk about sheer brilliance right? The Battle for Big Blue game aims to raise awareness for the problem of plastic pollution on our oceans whilst managing to look pretty damn stylish.

A man, along with other heroes who are pioneering the way for plastic change, is standing in front of a vending machine that says battle for big blue.

Boyan Slat – Founder of the Ocean Cleanup program

Boyan Slat, from the Netherlands is no ordinary teenager. Instead of being all “Netflix and chill,” he’s off saving the world. Quite literally.

This 20-year old Dutchman is an entrepreneur and inventor, creating new technologies to tackle global issues of sustainability. He’s set to revolutionise the world if all goes to plan with the Ocean Cleanup program that allows for garbage in the oceans to clean up BY THEMSELVES.

This Ocean clean-up is the first of its kind using new technologies submerged in the ocean. Consisting of long floating barriers, the ocean currents naturally gather the plastic until it is transported to land for recycling purposes.

With over 90% of floating trash in the ocean accounting for plastic – you can imagine how many marine mammals and sea turtles face the possibility of extinction. Watch the video below and see for yourself just how impressive Boyan’s program is.

Jenna Jambeck – Inventor of the Marine Debris Tracker app

Jenna Jambeck is one hell on an inspiring professor, who invented an app called the Marine Debris Tracker. The Marine debris tracker is a tool that is being used to log marine debris throughout the world, making it easier for beachgoers to be smarter with their smartphones. The simple tool allows you to report the type of debris and its location through GPS features pre-installed on a cell phone.

Marine Debris means solid waste. Anything that is recyclable and can be thrown away is considered a marine debris.

Jambeck has been researching solid waste issues for 17 years straight – with no signs of slowing down! Her scientific work and team founded 3.5 years ago is comprised of oceanographers, marine ecologists, engineers, and statisticians to name a few.

She believes we should “ask ourselves – what are the major sources of plastic in the ocean?” With over 8 million metric tonnes of plastic found in the ocean, that’s equivalent to 5 plastic bags covering the foot of every coastline in this world… that is huge!


A group of heroes standing in the water near a boat, pioneering the way for plastic change.

Lauren Singer – Trash is for tossers

Lauren Singer is an inspiring 23-year old from NYC who has adopted a completely trash-free and waste-free lifestyle.

Her’s is no ordinary tale. Lauren studied Environmental studies major in College and made the conscious decision to live sustainably about a year and a half ago. She has gone on to launch Trash Is For Tossers – a blog to document her journey to living a waste-free life, which has to date accumulated over 40,000 followers.

Lauren’s aim is to live a “waste-free life” simply by “lessening the impact” on the environment. And to show us that leading a Zero Waste lifestyle is easier than it looks, cost-effective, timely, fun, and possibly for ALL. Mark our words.

Since quitting her job at the Department of Agriculture in New York, she has launched The Simply Co, a company which creates sustainable cleaning products. Her line includes a natural three-ingredient laundry powder!

Surfrider – Protecting our oceans, waves and beaches.

Over 30 years ago, three passionate surfers in Malibu, California, came to the realisation that their favourite wave was about to be destroyed. Soon after, their passion quickly began a global movement involving surfers and ocean enthusiasts to stand up for their coasts and local marine environment. This was only the beginning of their journey.

Today, their movement has led to the growth of the Surfrider Foundation existing in 18 countries around the world.

One of which includes Surfrider Foundation Australia – a registered not for profit sea-roots organisation dedicated to the protection of Australia’s waves and beaches through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education. Surfrider harness the power of local community to spread their message, and count well known surfers including Barton Lynch and Layne Beachley amongst their ambassadors.

A group of people, some of whom are heroes pioneering the way for plastic change, posing for a photo in front of a sign.

Want to learn a little bit more about why plastic pollution is such a global epidemic, and why individuals are pushing so hard to find long term solutions to the issue? Check out the Contiki Storytellers documentary below…