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Meet Melanie Murphy, the 28-year-old Irish queen of self acceptance


*six-two 35 under 35 changemakers of 2018 – mental wellbeing

There are positive role models for self-acceptance, and then there’s Melanie Murphy. Youtube sensation, author and champion for mental wellbeing, here’s why we all need a little Melanie wisdom in our lives.

Nominated by Michael Rizzi and Alayna Fender, judges of the mental wellbeing category as part of six-two’s 35 under 35 initiativeMelanie’s career didn’t blossom over time as you might expect. In fact, it exploded with a viral video she posted about her acne back in 2014. The video went viral with a colossal 18 million views and was shared by people all over the world. Straight away, she became a powerful YouTube force, gaining respect with her flat-out refusal to sugar coat real life issues.

But inspiring the masses wasn’t always Melanie’s sole calling in life. Before her YouTube career took off she was a qualified teacher from County Dublin, a role she had to give up to commit to the vlog-life full time. Her ability to impart wisdom isn’t just a born gift, she’s a certified pro at giving advice. To an audience of 500,000, Melanie dissects just about everything from her sexuality to lifestyle choices, her struggle and journey with eating disorders, and her relationships.

Her videos are brutally honest and infinitely comforting, challenging social norms and speaking out about crucial issues that some of us are just tired of keeping a secret. Her journey to recovery, having beaten eating disorders and body dysmorphia, has touched the hearts and given hope to so many who have gone through the same thing.

As if her YouTube channel wasn’t binge-worthy enough, Melanie has taken to spreading her wisdom in book form. In her hot off the press debut biography ‘Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World’, Melanie hits just about every nail there is to hit when it comes to being a young woman in the 21st century. In a world where the lines between online and offline are blurred and consent and confidence are hot topics, Melanie explains what it’s like to navigate the overwhelming pressure of today’s world, and we are SO here for it.

The most unique thing about Melanie is that no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do, she’ll talk about something that will relate to you on some level. Perhaps you’ll come to her channel looking for gym tips, but you’ll sure as hell stay for the myriad of fun-yet-hella-important topics delivered in a truly relatable way. This Irish-born star is certainly one of the front-runners of the self-care movement, and we simply can’t wait to see what she does next…

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