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Take your first steps on the moon in Mílos

Ever wanted to visit the moon but don’t fancy being an astronaut? We’ve got the next best thing.

Welcome to Sarakiniko, a Mílos beach and the closest thing to a lunar landscape you’ll find here on Earth. Located in the Cyclades of Greece; this untouched island is home to over 70 beaches and Sarakinino Beach is arguably the most famous. As the most photographed place in Mílos, it’s giving the island’s most well-known tourist attraction – the site of Venus de Milo (the statue of Aphrodite) a run for its money.

The breath-taking white rocks get their colour from the island’s volcanic history, their shape formed by time and the Aegean Sea – making it a must on your to-do list. Due to its relatively unknown existence you can escape the tourists and take in the blue and white towns famous to Greece whilst beating the crowds. You’ll be joining beach goers and thrill-seeking cliff divers, along with snorkelers and scuba divers who spend their hours exploring the surrounding ocean caves and the Sarakiniko Ship Wreck – an African tanker that crashed into the rocks in 2003.

Alright, get your notebooks and pens out, here is the low down – everything you need to know about getting to the moon.

How to get there: easily accessible, you’ll find this natural masterpiece on the coastal road east of Adamas, north-east of Mílos. On arrival, you’ll need to park your car on the road near the beach and follow the path on foot to reach the sea.

When to go: waters are said to be clearest first thing in the morning, so ensure you get there for prime time.

What to take: there are no amenities, so ensure you BYO everything you’ll need for the day including drinking water and food. There is no vegetation on the white rocks, so you’ll want to bring your own sun protection or risk facing a severe case of sunburn.

Now we’ve got that covered, pack your bags, prepare your spaceships and get yourself on the next shuttle to the moon.