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Ultimate Morocco packing list

What to pack for Morocco

Make it loose, keep it cool and come prepared. Keep these tips in mind when you’re putting together your Morocco packing list:

1. Clothing

Coverage is key when it comes to respecting the culture in a predominantly Muslim country like Morocco. Not only it is respectful to their customs, but it will also help you blend in more with the locals.

Clothing should be, if possible:

Recommendations for Girls

Recommendations for Guys

The knee and shoulder rules apply to guys too, so be sure to pack:

Plus, don’t forget your bathing suit! Trust us, there’s’ no better way to cool down than in the pool.

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If you’re stressing about not having enough to wear, don’t! One of the best things to do in Morocco is barter at the souks, and you’ll find a million clothing options that’ll make fab souvenirs from your trip, and perfect additions to your wardrobe while you’re there. Look out for some of our favourites, such as:

2. Toiletries

Because it’s always better to be prepared than not. Make sure to pack:

3. Extras

Morocco is usually hot – ranging from hot to super-hot – so all of the appropriate sun protection is necessary:

Plus, don’t forget these:


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