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This Is The Most Popular Contiki Trip Of All Time

A woman with her arms raised in the air in front of the popular ruins of Acropolis.

Looking for the perfect Contiki trip, or want to do another one and can’t decide which is best? Well look no further because we’ve pulled the data, analysed the results and found the most popular Contiki trip of all time. Ever. Are you ready?

Drumroll please…

Surprised? Hmm, probs not.

Greek Island Hopping travels Athens down to Mykonos, Santorini and Ios, before zooming back up to the mainland. Besides hitting all the top Greek Island destinations, it’s also a favourite for the following reasons…

You get to relax

Cruising around the seas and hitting up stunning islands is all in a days work, and we promise it does not feel like work at all. Thanks to a lot of down time on deck you can sunbathe, play games, nap and chat all day long. Sign us up for some R&R!


The Aegean is crazy beautiful

Those deep blue and turquoise waters are hard to forget. Not only is the Aegean beyond ‘grammable, it’s also heaven to paddle in and watch the world go by from on deck. BYO camera!

Greek food (and wine) is delicious

ICYMI, Greek people know how to eat. From salads chock full of feta and olives, to lamb cooked so tenderly it’s falling apart, you’ll want to start eating at 6:00am so you can fit it all in! Small island wineries are also a joy to tourists and locals alike. They’re one of Greece’s not-so-secret secrets and we strongly suggest you sample. Now pass me my 2 Euro Gyros…

You get a good dose of culture

People have been living in the Greece since the 8th Century BC (and probably before that too) and they’ve left more ancient artefacts and historical buildings than you can count. Standing before the majesty that is The Pantheon is an experience all should do once in their lives.

It’s FUN!

From swimming to testing your acrobatics off deck or exploring pretty coastal towns, the simple truth is this trip is serious fun. Obviously the amazing crew your with make it even better, but who couldn’t have a good time with all the epic activities and amazing weather?!

Hot tip: No surprises our Greek Island trips sell out super fast every year, so book fast for 2018 to avoid Aegean induced FOMO.