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MUNCH: Zesty fresh Caipirinha

A Caipirinha cocktail with mint leaves and a straw on a blue and yellow background.

Because it’s always cocktail hour somewhere in the world…

Who doesn’t love injecting a slice of Brazilian flavour into their life? From the country that gave us some of the finest football players on the planet, eeny meeny thong bikinis and the biggest and best street party of the year, is it any surprise that Brazil’s national cocktail is fresh, flavoursome and packs an almighty punch?

The Caipirinha consists of a simple mix of lime, sugar and Cachaça, Brazil’s most commonly distilled liquor. The drink began its days as a remedy for the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, but is now symbolic of Brazilian culture the world over. Not only that, it’s refreshing, tasty, and sure knows how to get a party started. Watch the video above then follow the recipe below to kick start your very own Caipirinha festa


munch Caipirinha


Cut the limes into wedges and squeeze the juice into a large 1½ litre jug, chucking the wedges in after you’ve squeezed them. Add the sugar, then spend a couple of minutes bashing and squishing it all up with a muddler (or end of a rolling pin).

munch Caipirinha

Half fill the jug with crushed ice, and bash again. Pour in the Cachaça and stir well.

Have a little taste then tweak the acidity to your liking, adding more sugar if needed. Top the jug up with more crushed ice then tear in the mint leaves and give it a good stir.

Serve and enjoy.

munch Caipirinha