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Your neighbourhood guide to East Village, New York

Sitting on edge of building surrounded by skyscrapers

The good old days feel new again within the lively East Village neighbourhood of New York.

How do I get there?

East Village is easy to get to from just about anywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn using the L Train line (which can be accessed at various Subway points).

What’s the vibe?

Counterculture to the max. Think punk meets bohemian meets cool-girl, then place it all against diverse cultural backgrounds and you’ve got East Village.

Who hangs out here?

Artists, poets, skaters and students. You’ll find that most people down this end of New York aren’t just one either – they’re a mix of all. The locals here embrace the old ways from decades past and create a something new with it using their own creative spin.

What are the locals eating?

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza specialty, a slice with it’s bespoke creamy artichoke-and-spinach spread on it. 10/10 recommend! 

Where can I grab a coffee?

Ninth Street Espresso (either store). With the ethos of a “genuine” approach to coffee, the prices are low and the quality is good. Laptop workers are welcome too! This place is so popular they had to open a second store down the street.

What does my cocktail look like?

A martini-negroni mash-up AKA the ‘Sweet Valley High’ from Pouring Ribbons.

How do I spend an afternoon?

People (and dog) watching in Tompkins Square Park, followed by some thrift store shopping. The many stores have some amazing hidden gems and one-of-a-kind finds that are so East Village.

What’s my ultimate must do?

Have an egg cream and browse the stands at Gem Spa. The shop has been a gathering place in East Village for decades and is a must-stop for any local (even a temporary one).

Should I plan an evening here?

Stay after dark and check out The Stone, a music venue with just music. No, seriously just music. You’ll need to go elsewhere for a beer but you won’t leave without seeing a unique artist.

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