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Your quick fire guide to Touro, New Orleans

New Orleans intersection with horse and cart

Touro is almost a small city all by itself. With a strong community mindset, you won’t go five metres without getting a friendly nod from a passerby. Historical yet contemporary, this hub in the middle of Uptown New Orleans is a melting pot of food, art and music.

How do I get there?

Jump on the Streetcar and hop off at Magazine Street.

What’s the vibe?

Progressive and friendly, Touro has a texture that’s hard to capture with words. The best way is to see it, but we’ll paint you a picture. Think: sharp jazz bars existing alongside a thriving Jewish community, mixed with a splash of European elegance.

Who hangs out here?

Young professionals and older generations in equal measure who all share a belief in the local spirit.

What are the locals eating?

Oysters at Casamento’s, AKA, the “best” oysters in New Orleans with a healthy dose of Godfather vibes.

Where can I grab a coffee?

Try the vanilla latte at Hey! Café & Coffee Roastery, a cozy and quaint hole in the wall.

What does my cocktail look like?

Anything with spiced rum. Check out the dive bar The Mayfair Lounge for good vibes and cheap tipples.

How do I spend an afternoon?

Flipping through the vinyl at Peaches Records and cruising around the local galleries before heading to a cocktail class at one of the many stellar bars in the area.

What’s my ultimate must do?

See the Jazz Fest Shabbat at Touro Synagogue. It’s only once a year, but if you’re there to witness the mix of Jewish faith and Blues soul, you will never forget it as long as you live.

Should I plan an evening here?

A bar crawl down Magazine St, will keep you entertained until the early hours. Make sure you stop at New Orleans’ cheapest, 24-hour dive bar, The Club Ms Mae’s.