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Think having a Neurological condition = no adventures? Peter says otherwise


Peter is from the UK and was born prematurely, resulting in him being diagnosed with a neurological condition that affects how he walks.

Yet despite this, he didn’t want to let his disability get in the way of what he can achieve. His pro skiing skills and travelling wanderlust have most definitely proven Peter to be a guy who can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to. He’s now skiing the black slopes of Austria after just 5 Austria Ski trips and has travelled to 15 countries with Contiki.

This is Peter’s story…

Tell me a little bit about your disability?

Being born early I was diagnosed with a neurological condition that affects how I walk and results in me walking using four times as much energy compared to an able bodied person. My disability has made me very determined to prove people wrong about what I can achieve.

What made you decide to travel with Contiki? 

A friend recommended Contiki to me. I wanted to travel to explore the world and learn about new cultures as well as challenge myself physically and mentally.

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What Contiki trips have you travelled on?

Wow what a question! I started my travel experience with a 21-day European trip and I have gone onto do a few more mainland Europe trips including the Mini Balkan and Austria Ski. A couple of years ago I set myself a new country to travel to as a challenge, kicking off with New York at New Year, then skiing in Austria and Las Vegas this coming New Year! Where to next?


How have your travel experiences with Contiki benefited you?

Contiki is the best in the solo travel business. I have enjoyed every tour. The drivers, Trip Managers and on-site staff always do their best to ensure you have the best time possible. One of the main benefits of travelling with Contiki is meeting like-minded travellers who want to travel the world. Another benefit is it allows me to push and re-define my own limits and find out that my disability does not affect me as much as I’d thought it did. I am looking at Austria Ski and the sweet black run! I went from first year nursery slope to my 5th Austria Ski trip to doing the amazing black run.

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What’s the most positive thing you’ve taken away from your travels? 

Be yourself and never be afraid of opening up to the Trip Manager or your new travelling buddies about your disability, it will make their understanding easier and they can ensure you have the best time on the trip. Remember everyone is there to enjoy the same sights and if you do not wish to do an activity the chances are there will be others who also don’t, so you can explore the city with them or have some solo time.

Is there any advice you’d give to people in a similar position to you?

Be open when booking the trip, Contiki are really good at advising which tours are most suitable and enjoyable for your requirements. Plan your day and pace it, travelling is tiring for anyone but when you have a physical disability you may want to have one extra rest day or a slightly easier night out on the town. Talk to your Trip Manager, they know the cities like the back of their hands so if you want to know where a taxi is or where a cool little coffee shop is they are always happy to help.


What are you most proud from your travel experiences?

Flying to New York on my own which involved overcoming the feeling of anxiety about flying which was a massive achievement for me. Paragliding in Austria is simply a must do! Taking a Helicopter ride over the Big Apple (New York) was incredible!