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These are New York City’s best burger bars

Indulge in a mouthwatering New York City burger and fries combo served in a rustic basket on a table.

Buns out, guns out – it’s burger time. Forget In-N-Out in LA and let’s talk about New York City’s finest burger bars. If you’re heading to the big smoke, make it your mission to indulge in New York City’s best burger bars….

The classic cheeseburger

Where: Burger Joint

Because let’s face it. Nothing beats a classic cheeseburger. This joint revolutionised cheeseburgers in New York…

In the food capital of the world, New York City, a delicious burger is presented on top of a piece of paper. This burger stands as one of the best in town, satisfying cravings

The 7oz burger

Where: Jackson Hole Burgers

Word on the street is that President Clinton, Denzel Washington and Jennifer Aniston have dined here. Try the mouth-watering 7 oz burger.

The best burger in New York City, topped with creamy guacamole and served alongside crispy fries on a rustic wooden table.

The burger with pork belly

Where: Schatzi’s Pub

What makes the schatzi burger special? Uh the 8 ounces of LaFrieda-blended burger meat, with crispy pork belly, melted cheddar, potato, green onion, rosti, special sauce and pretzel buns…of course.

The dry-aged burger

Where: Minetta Tavern

To say that the process of this burger is simple is an understatement. The cooking process of the patties is more complicated than learning another language.

The final product looks simple, but it isn’t. There really aren’t enough words to describe this burger. So damn succulent. Juicy. Beefy with a dry ageing flavour. Basically delicious. Why? It’s seasoned with an aggressive amount of salt and pepper basted in clarified butter during the cooking process. THEN caramelised onions are heated in the beef fat. And that brioche bun… Need we say more?

Read more about the process here.

The best burger in New York City, topped with caramelized onions and served alongside crispy fries, all beautifully presented on a plate.

The veggie ‘shroom burger

Where: Shake shack

It’s rare for one burger joint to be so damn popular. Shake shack is a fast food joint that people can’t seem to get enough of. Try the ‘Shroom burger’ (or any other burger, seriously). It’s Portobello mushroom filled with melted Muenster and cheddar cheese + a peanut butter shake, if you’re game. Or if you prefer your burgers alfresco, there is a Shake Shack right in the middle of Madison Square Park. 

A table with new york city best burgers and drinks.

The Korean burger

Where: 5 Napkin burger

Marinated double burger with Kimchi slaw, Sriracha mayo, pickled jalapenos, cilantro and sesame seeds. That is all.

New York City's best burger is served on a plate with fries and onion.

The jerk fry burger

Where: Harlem shake

Beef jerky with a ridiculous amount of seasoning, topped with fries.

The best burger in New York City, served on a plate.

The umami burger

Where: Umami Burgers

Umami is all about creating that perfect mouthful. They credit their success to their ground breaking Umami master sauce with a carefully crafted combo of toppings on a slightly sweet toasted bun. Experience it for yourself.

The best burger in New York City, served on a plate with mouthwatering fries and crispy onion rings.

The chargrilled burger with Roquefort cheese

Where: The Spotted Pig

No words needed, just look at that bad boy…Be sure to try the shoestring fries.

The best burger in New York City, served with golden fries and topped with delectable blue cheese, elegantly presented on a plate.

The make-your-own burger

Where: Five Guys

If you’re in search of the perfect burger, rest assured you’ll find it here with over 250,000 ways to customise your burger! How’s that for catering to every single burger fetish you’ve ever desired?