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This one rule could save your long distance relationship

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Guest Post from Helen Chik, fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger at

I usually travel overseas (at least) once a month for work and have been seeing my partner for eight wonderful months now. Sure, we’ve done some traveling together, but I’m always leaving my partner behind in Sydney so more often then not, I’m in a long distance relationship. Does it have its challenges? Of course…

Because of my jet-setting lifestyle (and a desire to continue moving forward in our romance), I’ve developed one simple relationship rule: set time to talk to each other and catch up, no matter where in the world you are. And no, a quick Facebook message doesn’t count. People in long distance relationships often rely on social media over actually speaking on the phone to each other and hearing each other’s voices, but there’s a huge difference between instant messaging and being able to hear your other half’s voice – and perhaps more importantly their tone. Video calls are a bonus of course, but the important thing is to make a choice to have a proper call!

Sounds simple right? But maybe you’ve gotten caught up relaxing on a boat, or sampling the local fare? That’s why following this rule is a discipline, and something you have to commit to even when you’re in a country with an awkward time difference. You might find that when your partner is awake and available to talk, you’re somewhere between a deep REM sleep and drooling on your pillow. But if you don’t set aside this time, you can quickly become disconnected with each other’s lives.

I’m a firm believer in travel strengthening relationships (and not just romantic ones). I mean, you never really get to see another person’s true colours until you’ve experienced dashing from one end of an airport to another in hopes of just making your connecting flight. But it’s how you manage the time while you’re apart that is key to a lasting love. I always try to remember that it’s harder to be the person left back at home.

After going through a divorce (and coming out the other side of that heartbreak) I have a much better understanding of who I am as a person and what I need in my significant other, and that’s someone willing to let me chase my dreams whilst investing in our future.

Of course this isn’t me going off and living my fantastic life! As a couple we have big plans for the future to set up our own business together and build our own little legacy. We’re currently working on launching our own label and are still in the early stages of business planning, but we’re incredibly excited to get this venture up and running.

So is waking up in different countries really all that bad? I’d say not… as long as we have Skype!

Helen Chik travelled with Contiki on the Bangkok to Singapore Adventure. Want to contribute your own story and become a contributor to six-two? Find out more here.