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The WTF worthy souvenirs to pick up on your next Europe trip

A wooden shelf with a variety of items on it.

No Europe trip is complete without picking up a few what the f souvenirs along the way…soviet gas mask anyone?

Bottle kilt – Scotland

You might not be okay with wearing a skirt, but your alcohol certainly won’t mind…

europe souvenirs- bottle kilt

Pinocchio Mask – Italy

A great souvenir to illicit nightmares and ruin a childhood story.

A souvenirs mask with a hat and a bow tie.

Sexy Lederhosen Apron – Germany

Granny will love wearing this while baking for you.

A woman is holding a beer apron, which serves as a souvenir for enthusiasts of the beverage.

Vag Fresh Mint Candy – France

Not a good idea to get these for your girlfriend, unless she has a superior sense of humor.

A bag of souvenirs

Mozart puppets – Austria

For that niece or nephew who you want to terrify.

europe souvenirs - puppets

Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Shirt – Czech Republic

You know you need a new drinking shirt, so why not get a punny one?

Czech souvenirs t-shirt.

Troll Dolls – Denmark

For that person who constantly butts into your life.

europe souvenirs - troll dolls

Ushanka Hat- Russia

For everyone who doesn’t live in 70 degree weather year-round.

europe souvenirs - russian hat

Soviet Gas Masks- Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia (anywhere in Eastern Europe)

Proudly display your very own creepy piece of European history.

europe souvenirs - gas mask

Weed Boxers – Netherlands

You’ll probably never see these in a fashion show. Either gift these for yourself, your boyfriend or closest bud (pun intended).

europe souvenirs - weed boxers