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What to pack for a Croatian sailing getaway

White clouds sail in the sky.

When sailing Croatia, start by thinking about what you would pack for a day at the beach followed by a dinner and night on the town. Nautical themed style is a given for any sailing adventure, but we like to mix it with some Mediterranean flavour.


Sundresses and rompers are ideal over bathing suits for both comfort and convenience at the beach and onboard. We suggest bringing a couple of bathing suits – putting on a wet swimsuit isn’t the most enjoyable experience so have some options to rotate through. A light walking shoe like Toms are ideal for saving space in your suitcase and you can avoid bringing socks altogether, and cute flip flops are ideal for wet feet and sandy shores. Keeping it light and comfy in general is our biggest recommendation.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to pack a pair of jelly shoes – the Croatian shores are covered with sea anemones which can pack a nasty sting if trodden on.

Daytime Croatia looks

Night time

Remember those sundresses and rompers we packed for the daytime? For the warm nights, it’s super easy to throw on a statement necklace, earrings and some fancier sandals to dress it up a bit and transition into evening wear. Nights can get chilly on the water so we recommend a denim jacket or cosy kimono – they go with pretty much anything. You can pair some black jeans and jewellery with your cute tanks from the daytime on cooler nights as well.


Night Time Croatia looks

Travel Essentials

Cute head bands help keep wet hair out of your face on windy days and tame wonky bangs when a flat iron isn’t on hand. A pretty scarf is perfect to wear on your shoulders in the wind, to dress up your dress or jacket, or to use as a headband, sarong or top/skirt (we suggest checking out Pinterest to delve into the details of scarf versatility).

For downtime on the boat with your new friends you can’t go wrong with cards and a portable speaker with a killer sailing playlist. And for those gorgeous starry nights, apps like Skyview make a perfect companion for stargazing.

A fabric beach bag and cross-body purse will help keep your hands free and your essentials organized. Of course, don’t forget your favourite sunglasses, sun hat and sun protection, as well as any creature comforts you may desire like a good book or an umbrella.

Croatia Accessories