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Forget Magaluf. Here’s 4 reasons why Barcelona wins when it comes to the Spanish party scene


I know what your thinking, dirt cheap drinks, the infamous Magaluf strip and boat parties running for all hours of the day… Sure, Barcelona is beautiful, but how can it possibly steal the party crown? Well, tough news Maga lovers, Barcelona has just stolen the show and here’s why. 

The Infamous Beach Parties

Now, now, before I hear your protests of ‘BuT MaGaLuF hAs BeAcH pArTiEs ToO’, let’s get one thing straight: The Barcelona beach parties are utterly unrivalled. Sure, party hotspots like Magaluf have your standard ‘beach party’ experience, flooded with British tourists herded in that direction by the nearest neon covered party rep, but Barcelona beach parties are an utterly different story. Locals and travellers unite to enjoy incredible music from the likes of Peggy Gou, David Guetta and more as the sun sinks beneath the blue horizon, casting a golden hue over the faces of the party goers who don’t appear to stop until 6am – serious stamina or what!



A party in Barcelona with a group of people standing in front of a fountain.

Partying CAN Happen on a Budget

Party animals, listen up! We’ve all had that panic checking our bank account the morning after a night out, only to discover that those vodka tonics weren’t quite as cheap as we once thought. Well, it’s time to debunk the myth that partying here has to be expensive. With plenty of clubs offering free entry as well as the Nightlife Ticket, covering 29 nightclubs with ability to skip the lines only setting you back €15 for the entire week, it’s easy to budget your party animal habits and still have a good time. Failing this, head on down to Barceloneta Beach with a few beers and make new friends under the sunset, sometimes to the mellow sound of a nearby guitar. 


The Music Scene is Phenomenal

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of Abba and Britney as much as your next gal, but sorry Magaluf, the Barcelona music scene simply is one you can’t find anywhere else. Every summer, the city attracts DJs from across the globe hoping to impress the locals and tourists alike. Clubs such as Macerena are hidden gems with an outstanding atmosphere, witness the underground house with thumping bass from the local talent frequently send the crowd into a spiralling frenzy. Alternatively, visit Mobilee Rooftop Closing Party for breathtaking views of the city whilst listening to some huge house names. Not to mention the critically acclaimed Primavera Sound music festival which attracts crowds from across the globe to see anything from hip hop superstars to some of electronic music’s most respected figures – whatever you love, Barcelona has you covered. 

Two women partying on a Barcelona beach.

Lets Face it, You’re in a Stunning Location

This one really goes without saying. With Salvador Dali and Gaudi’s surrealist touch present throughout the entire city, even the very hardest partiers will want to drag themselves out of bed, berocca in hand,  to discover the fabled architecture with its warped and colourful features. This, ultimately, is the major factor which distinguishes Barcelona from other party locations. Whereas the daytime in hotspots like Magaluf is a period purley reserved for recovery, the dual faced nature of Barcelona means that both day and night bring their own charm to the already beautiful city.  

Forget booking that flight to Magaluf and choose a location which will not only ensure you have a fantastic time, but also allows you to explore the fascinating culture of a beautiful city. What are you waiting for?

The Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.