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People Have Started Leaving Reviews For Entire Continents On Google And It’s As Hilarious As It Sounds

World map

We’re living in the golden age of reviews. When was the last time you went to a restaurant or destination without Googling what was good there and checking a couple star ratings? Now thanks to Google, you can now review an ENTIRE continent and naturally people have made hilarious magic.

Why would you think it’s possible to sum up a whole continent in a couple sentences? Because the internet. Sadly, despite being continents, Antarctica and Australia are yet to join the review crew, but here are our favourites so far…


Africa has been voted down for the heat (something entirely out of it’s control) but was given major kudos for fun additions such as lions and elephants.

A screenshot of a review on a website about the best continent in the world.
Robert reddine's coffee shop review highlighting the best coffee in the world.
Jamie Bradley's review on Yelp for the best restaurant in the world.


The biggest continent of the lot has been stressed by countless reviewers as not being suitable to see on foot. With that noted, it’s celebrated as a great place to see if you avoid a little place called North Korea.

Zachary lopper review on the best continent in the world.
Eugenio garraz's Google reviews for the best continent in the world.
A screenshot of the best penguin review.


Europe probably scored the highest star rating overall, however many reviewers said that it simply wasn’t as big as Asia and had to lose stars as a result. Sorry Europe.

A screenshot of a Google search for the best local guide.
Emmie Kallen's review on the best restaurants in the world.
Dean Birkett - British extravaganza.

North America

Most reviews can be summed up as: Mexico, hot; USA, food; Canada, cold. Overall it lost stars due to political standings in the middle.

Google reviews for Christopher Rice, the best continent in the world.
Joseph owlworth's review on yelp for the best restaurant in the world.
A screenshot of a review of David Carnell highlighting the best continent in the world.

South America

The most common theme in the reviews was the natural beauty, of the landscape and the people (booty got mentioned an alarming amount of times). Sadly South America copped the pettiest reviews thanks to a lack of chicken nuggets in McDonalds. Seriously….

A review of McDonald's chicken nuggets, the best fast food option.
Nicholas Crosby's Yelp reviews.
Eli Sharonson's review of the best continent in the world is cold.

So there you have it, a ~very~ accurate review of the world’s continents!

P.S. If you’ve done a Contiki and would like to leave a review, you can do it on Facebook here.