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Phone photography: 9 tips to help you take better pictures when you travel

Two people using phone photography on top of a mountain overlooking the sea.

These days, you really don’t need a fancy camera to take a fairly impressive shot. All you need is a phone, a great backdrop, and a useful app to give the picture some finesse. And if you love to give your gram a run for its money, invest in some sweet phone accessories. Here are our phone photography tips to help you elevate your next travel pictures:

Download useful photo editing apps

Become a serious phone-o-grapher by downloading VSCO, Instagram and Snapseed pronto. All three have beautiful in-built filters to take your gram to the next level.

Invest in a sweet fish eye lens

Take your selfie to the next level with a fish-eye lens. Made for capturing adventure, each shot is bursting with light in a cool bubble effect to make for some really creative and fun photos.

A tech carry case

You’ll never have to worry about losing things. Store everything from your phone, lens, tripod, cables and headphones etc all in one place.

Tech carry case - Typo

A selfie kit

Take the ultimate selfie by using a foldable selfie scope that extends further than your arm.

A black and white selfie stick used for phone photography.

A travellers mini tripod

Portable, lightweight and sturdy. Just pop out your smartphone in the tripod wherever you are and start snapping. Now you’ll never have to rely on strangers to take your cute couple or group shots.

A person using phone photography with a tripod.

Portable power adaptor

The perfect accessory to keep your phone charged and going in times of need.

The rule of thirds

If you’re looking at upping your game, the rule of thirds works a charm. Just imagine nine equal parts to your pic. Once the grid is activated, the theory is, if you place your point of interest between the intersection or along the lines your pic will become more balanced and show more depth. Composition is everything and most often, the more off-center you are, the better the shot.

Lighting is everything

Take it from phone photography experts, Typo. The trick to a sweet pic is in fact excellent lighting. Avoid overly sunny faces, and instead look for soft-lighting outdoors by moving to a shaded area.


Keep it simple

Ah yes, sounds easy right? Be mindful of the mood and emotion you’re creating through your shot. We think the trick to nailing a photo is in its pure simplicity. Minimalistic shots have a way of capturing a powerful shot.