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Not loving the skin you’re in? Do yourself a favour and get to know Loey Lane


*six-two 35 under 35 changemaker of 2018 – mental wellbeing category

In a world where social media dominates, Instagram perfection surrounds us and the expectations of ‘what beauty is’ are more unrealistic then ever, it can be near impossible to find any sense of perspective or rationale. The online world can be a dark place, but thanks to content creators like Loey Lane, times are finally changing.

The 25-year-old plus-size model, full time YouTuber and Instagram sensation is all about creating content that highlights body positivity in a generation of online negativity and hate. With 1.3 million YouTube followers and 489k Instagram followers, Loey Lane stands as a powerful voice to her huge audience and plays a leading role in the continuous battle of body confidence and kindness amongst the social community.

Ms. Lane uses her powerful platform to talk about all things beauty, body and plus-sized fashion. Expect to be engaged and inspired with videos, photographs and encouragement that highlight the importance of self-love. Look books, outfit ideas, make up tricks and inspo on how plus-size women can be happy and confident in their summer bikinis are just some of the content Loey creates to turn the online community into a space for love and positivity, rather than negative stigmas and hate.

Loey is a powerful, positive voice, and it’s for this reason she has been nominated by Michael Rizzi and Alayna Fender, our mental wellbeing judges, to take her place on our 35 under 35 changemakers of 2018 list.


This beautiful woman is courageous, brave, free and well worth a` follow to spruce up your social media pages and turn them into a place for real inspiration and motivation. Loey Lane – you’ve got our seal of approval a thousand times over.

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