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The town of Porvoo is possibly the most picturesque thing in all of Finland


If you’re a purveyor of stunning sights then get ready for another to be added to your list: the tiny town of Porvoo in Finland. Funny name (there’s a pun in there we just know it) but it’s a destination that packs a punch for any photographer.

Porvoo is only an hour away from Helsinki, making it the perfect day trip for anyone exploring Scandinavia’s outer edges. The coastal town is one of only a few remaining medieval towns in Finland and dates back to the 14th century. While that’s cool, the real winner of Porvoo for us is just how darn cute it is! It’s very fitting nickname is ‘The City of Charming Moments’ and honestly, it’s easy to see why. Can’t you just imagine sitting in a coffee shop in the spring reading a book, and then having the love of your life walk in. Then fast-forward and you’re getting married down by the ocean? Sorry, what were we saying again? Oh yeah, Porvoo is BEAUTIFUL!

Look at this little shop!


And this quaint town square with sweet little daffodils!


What your Insta-feed is really craving though are the little waterside red houses in Porvoo’s Old Town.


Porvoo as a whole has a wealth of Finnish history and culture to share with travellers. From farmhouses full of handicrafts to original churches and local artwork that’s a stones throw from beautiful seashores and forests, this is where you’ll get a real taste of Finland without the bells and whistles of big city life.

In saying that, Porvoo gets roughly 1.6 million visitors a year to its fairy tale streets and homes so we can’t promise you’ll have the Finnish gem all to yourself!