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Quick and easy protein snacks you need to try RN

Protein-packed snack with avocado, eggs, tomatoes and olives served on four slices of bread.

A good protein snack may seem like an elusive unicorn to those of us who’ve tried and hated far too many chalky shakes or weird tasting bars, but a little DIY and research goes a long way for your taste buds. It turns out something doesn’t have to be labelled “PROTEIN” in aggressive bold lettering or in the health food section to be the perfect protein snack you need, and Pinterest is the place to find fab alternatives.

So put down the protein sludge and try out these 12 delicious and healthy protein-y alternatives:

Greek yogurt

Amount of Protein: 10g per average container

All you need is a spoon, or some lid folding wizardry, to enjoy a little cup of your favourite Greek yogurt just about anywhere. Or, try making your own and storing it in cute glass containers to take with you.

Go nuts

Amount of Protein: 2-21g per 100g serving

There are few snacks that are easier to eat and transport than nuts, and whether you like them mixed, salted or even dipped in (dark) chocolate, they are a solid go-to pick for a boost of protein.  Opt for pistachios, almonds or cashews for the most protein per nut.

Energy Bites

Amount of Protein: 2-3g per bite

No-bake bites are easy to transport since they don’t have to be refrigerated, and with the variety of recipes that are out there, you can find options that include your very favourite tasty ingredients (M&Ms, marshmallows, you name it) while getting in the protein that you need to stay full. Talk about healthy snack goals!

Energy Bites


Amount of Protein: 2-4g per cube, 11g per 100g of cottage cheese

Whether it’s just a slice, a cube, a string, or a small container of cottage cheese, cheese is one of the most satisfying way to get your protein on.


Amount of Protein: 1g per tbsp

We all love a good dip, and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s veggies, naan bread or crackers, we love hummus as a dip on a regular day and a healthy day as well. All you need is a little container and something to dip in it and you’re good to go.


Amount of Protein: 7g per piece

If a mid-day meat snack is your kinda jam, jerky is the perfect portable, indestructible way to do it. Make your own and try out salmon, bacon and chicken jerky variations.

A protein snack with hummus, pita bread and olives.

Nut butter

Amount of Protein: 3-4g per tbsp

Nuts are obviously a good source of protein, but if a handful of nuts doesn’t appeal to you, nut butters provide you with protein as well, just in a smoother and more combinable texture. Try peanut, almond or cashew butter on apples, with bananas, celery, crackers or just old school style on your favourite toast.


Amount of Protein: 17 g per cup

Edamame is more than just a great restaurant appetizer, and you can season it, hummus it, or salad it depending on what you feel like on any given day.


Amount of Protein: 6g

Hard boiled is probably the easiest way to eat eggs on the go, and they’re a great go-to for people who want something filling but aren’t crazy about a mid-day meat snack.

Peanut Butter

Turkey roll up

Amount of Protein: 2-4g per slice

It’s amazing how easily a plain old slice of turkey transforms into something fun with a simple roll. Add in some cheese or veggies for a compact and adorable snack.


Amount of Protein: 8g per cup

A little carton of milk (even chocolate milk) is a great way to drink your way to more protein.

Roasted Chick Peas

Amount of Protein: 19g per 100g serving

If you’re a chip person, roasted chick peas are about to become your new favourite healthy snack. Spice them up with pepper and chilli powder, or sweeten them with cinnamon and honey and take ‘em to the next level.

Roasted Chick Peas