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QUIZ! What popular Filipino food you should try based on your personality

Port Barton, Philippines

We’ve all seen pictures of the sparkling blue seas and tranquil lagoons of the Philippines. But this tropical paradise has some more undiscovered secrets. Hiding in the streets of the Philippines are stories of carefully crafted dishes that’ll give you so much more than a mere flavour hit. After all, Filipino cuisine is a melting pot of Spanish, American and more South East Asian flavours. Party for your taste buds, right?

From the crackling Lumpia to the comforting Philippine Adobo, there’s so much to explore. And if you’re not sure which popular Filipino food to try, answer these questions and we’ll tell you! Oh, and if you wanna try some authentic and fresh Filipino food, (or if you wanna try a Boodle Fight) check out our brand new Philippines Island Hopping trip.

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